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Are you taking full advantage of your web site? With millions of Internet users searching for information about products and services daily, it just doesn’t make sense to ignore the potential profits that could be made through proper website optimization. Optimized website gives you high rankings in major search engines and high quality traffic without which you cannot succeed.


One must have enough knowledge of his own market if he wants to compete  with others. If you have your own website and want to make money online, answer four simple questions and check your position in your market.


1. What is website optimization?

2. Are you sure that your website is optimized for high visibility in search engines?


3. What positions in major search engines does your site appear in for your target search terms?


4. Does each page of your site have tailored Title and META tags?

 If your answer is “No” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, you would be among those website owners whose websites are missing out on traffic because their sites are not search engine friendly.

Now there are some web design company with the knowledge of website optimization but not all. Just ask yourself these questions.

 Has your web designer optimized your site for your target keywords? Have they made sure it is visible in google and other major search engines? More than likely,  you don’t know because they haven’t told you. Ask them today!

 In my experience, either web designers keep a lot of secrets or they have no clue about what makes website compatible with search engines. Another thing is that they like to build expensive, flashy sites and so convince their clients that an attractive web site never uses a lot of text.

 If you want best results from your website it must rank high in major search engines. For search engines to rank your site highly for particular words or phrases that you would expect potential visitors to type in, each individual page of your site MUST be built with those words and phrases in mind.

 Now, can you honestly say your web designer has built your site with your target search terms in mind? If not, this is the time to schedule an appointment with them.

 There may be million different reasons why wasn’t your site optimized for search engines when it was built? Not many web design firms know how or have time to optimized site successfully and many web designer might feel it is not their business or might believe that it is site marketer’s job to ensure that site is found in search engines.

 Whatever may be the reasons, your site can be launched for many months without search engines having any idea it exist.

 Remember, search engine users generally only explore the first 10 or 20 search results. If your site isn’t in top 20, you won’t be found, its as simple as that. My suggestion is always include search engine optimization into marketing budget and pay little more for a  specialist. There are many SEO companies  with a good track record you can hire and reap the rewards. 


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Do you have a website no one can find?
Are you taking full advantage of your web site? With millions of Internet users searching for inform...