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On studying the life & philosophy of great leaders, I am convinced about what differentiates between an ordinary leader & a great leader.

It is their philosophy of life which makes them greater.

I came across in an article, the philosophy of N.R.Narayana  Murthy, his philosophy about the respect .

While formulating the vision of Infosys, he wrote in his debut book, “A better India, A better world,” how seven of the Infosys founder member deliberated upon for over 4 hours, in a small bedroom in his Bombay apartment, to adopt , the vision of Infosys.

After a strong deliberation all the seven members accepted the vision as suggested by Mr. N.R.Narayana Murthy. He wanted to make Infosys the most respected software services company in the world. And he convinced others why he wants this vision to be adopted by saying, “If you seek respect, you will not short change your customers, You will be fair to your colleauges in the company, you will be transparent with your investors, you will treat your vendor partners with care and understanding. You will not violate the laws of the land in whichever country you operate & you will live in harmony in whichever society you operate in.”

He continued by saying, “My conviction is that  such a pursuit will bring revenues, jobs,profits, and market capitalisation.”

He added that all of them accepted this vsion as something larger than life and something inspirational to go after.

I am amused to learn the philosophy of Mr. N.R.Narayana  Murthy and convinced why his name was buzzing around as prospective & ideal candidate for the post of President of India after the Tenure of Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was due to complete.

We need such leaders who can transform the society with their vision & sacrifice.

He is a great mentor that is evident from the fact that another great leader like Mr. Nandan Lilekeni has emerged who has resigned from Infosys Board to join the govt project for issuing identity card to all citizen of India.

This is called the sacrifice for a greater cause. Hats off to Mr. Murthy for mentoring & instilling such greatness among the Infoscians.

Ref:-Ancdotes from the debut book of Mr. Murthy  A Better India: A Better World published in Business Today  dated-June 14, 2009.


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