Are pink slips guided by performance? Posted by Vikram Gandhi on 09 Dec, 2008 | Total Comments: (2)

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Seems the ugliest face of slowdown -- pink slips -- is back at Indian IT cos. After Wipro sacking thousand and putting another 3,000 under scann
er, came the reports of the country’s no. 1 IT exporter TCS planning another round of layoffs.

The fourth largest IT services exporter Satyam too is reported to be giving pink slips to as many as 4500 of its employees.

Incidentally, all companies have termed the job cuts as purely performance-based. Said a Satyam spokesperson, "The bottom 5 per cent of those who have got a bad appraisal are put under PIP (performance improvement plan) and given dummy projects to prove themselves. If they fail they will be shown the door. But some of them marked for PIP said they have been given very little time to come up as winners."

However, even as it downsizes, Satyam continues to hire new employees in thousands. Over 40 per cent of them are fresh blood just passing out of college.

The HR department of other IT companies too sings a similar tune. Are pink slips really based on employee performance or are they a result of a tough economy.

Are pink slips really a belt tightening measure from IT companies facing sagging bottomlines due to global economic turmoil?

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  • According to the article, it seems that it is the performance which is counted the most right now, however, actually it is one's overall behavior which is considered in any organization. Counting only performance is not the right way to decide a person's survival. Posted by Arvind Rathod | 23 Dec, 2008
  • Performance is an important parameter which judges the capabilities of an individual. it defines the skills and the knowledge of an individual in any particular field. Hence, it is a well proven fact that one who performs will stay and the one who doesn't will become the weak point and will be asked to leave. Posted by abhilash cv | 23 Dec, 2008

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Are pink slips guided by performance?
Seems the ugliest face of slowdown -- pink slips -- is back at Indian IT cos. After Wipro sacking th...
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