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Principal Corp. Search Consultant at Millennium blubeach Management Services Chennai, India | Human Resources

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  • Principal Corp. Search Consultant at Millennium blubeach Management Services
  • HR Consultant, Personnel Management, Recruitment & Staffing
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Summary: Millennium blubeach Management Consultants (MbMS) is an elite group of experienced and trained headhunting search consultants who specialize in finding top tier professionals for a multitude of skill arenas. For over a decade, MbMS has worked both nationwide as well as on an international level for companies in a strong growth mode, with extensive hiring needs. A multitude of industries have benefited from our services particularly Software, IT, ITES and Telecom. Our core competency put simply, lies in an enhanced ability to Identify, Locate, and Evaluate the strongest candidates for any given position. In other words, our clients hire us because we can separate and ‘cherry pick’ for them those resources that excel at the top 20 percentile.

Not for us to simply forward resumes harvested from Job boards which 'almost' match the requirement specs. We have absolutely NO desire to join the ranks of those numerous so called ‘executive search firms’ who have perfected the art of speed screening and bulk resume forwarding , with a telephonic interview thrown in, which usually lasts all of 3 minutes!

As successful executive recruiters, we take a much more proactive approach to Profiling, Searching, and Recruiting peak performers who are not necessarily looking for a new position. We then interview them in-depth to find out just what makes them tick. We don’t just make sure that they are strong technically (that's a given), but also find out what they contributed to their employer that made them stand out from among their peers. Our methodology yields a far more valuable response when compared to the “passive” methods of running advertisements and waiting to see who responds, which are typically the unhappy and unemployed. We have built an established network of contacts that enables us to present the best candidates in a timely manner. Our nationwide, as well as our international database, is second to none.

Apart from numerous companies based within India, we have also helped many US based companies to grow by, providing key people, working with our partners at The Algan Group based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

For more information on how MbMS can take care of your recruiting needs, simply email me and I’ll call you back. I would love to get started working for you!..

What do I have to offer (Haves): MbMS is a reputed HR Search & Recruitment firm in Chennai & Bangalore, providing quality skilled personnel for IT and other Industry. Ethical and Efficient Service to both Client and Candidate is our forte...

What do I seek (Wants):  I am open to invites both on Peer Power and Linkedin. My email id is

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Current Company Principal Corp. Search Consultant at Millennium blubeach Management Services
Department: Human Resources, from Nov 2001 till now

Job Description : An HR professional with nearly 10 plus years of rich and versatile cross functional experience in diverse areas of Human Resource Management. Deft at handling the recruitment process for sourcing the best talent from diverse sources after identification of manpower requirements..

Educational Information B.A. at Madras Christian College, Chennai
from Jan 1977 till Jan 1980

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