Swapnil Sulakhe

Head Business Development at Vitasta Consulting India Private Limited Mumbai, India | Sales / Business Development
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  • Recruitment & Staffing, Training & Development
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Summary:  I am an OPEN NETWORKER & can be reached on:
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Cell phone: / +91-099871 08883.

I am an Executive Search Professional for more than 10 years now. I have successfully handled various senior level mandates in the Financial Services, Energy / Oil & Gas, Media, FMCG, Manufacturing & Auto Ancillary sectors.

The Executive Search profession is a passion for me as it allows me to learn & understand diverse industries along with the opportunity to interact with a range of people & “personalities”.

It has been a constant endeavor of me & my colleagues in Vitasta Consulting Pvt. Ltd to bring a high degree of professionalism & ethically correct work methods. I am very proud of the fact that we as a team have been quite successful in the same.

I started off my professional journey in sales function with Apollo Tyres Ltd. I worked with the company for close to 3 years, post which I moved to Asian Sky Shop, a tele-shopping company which is part of the Essel Group.

The stint in sales has afforded me an opportunity to look at the corporate structure from the inside. It also taught me first hand that the right talent can make a company move from being good one to a great one. This has led me to be able to use these learning’s to my advantage in the Executive Search business. .

What do I have to offer (Haves): Excellent Career Opportunities for senior Finance & Sales Professionals in Africa.
Proven Operational Experience in the Executive Search business, Quality Sales & Business Development exposure across different product categories as well as services..

What do I seek (Wants):  Initiating new Client relationships for the company, Networking with like minded professionals, Reconnecting with friends..

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Current Company Head Business Development at Vitasta Consulting India Private Limited
Industry : Management Consulting
Department: Sales / Business Development,

Past Company Zonal Sales Manager at Asian Sky Shop
Industry : Retail
Department: Sales / Business Development, from from Jun 1997 till Dec 1999

Job Description : In charge of sales of the company products in the Western region via the company run call center & the franchisee network in the rest of the region.. Marketing Executive at Apollo Tyres Limited
Industry : Automobiles
Department: Sales / Business Development, from from Jun 1994 till Mar 1997

Job Description : Sales of Truck & non-truck Tyres in the Mumbai branch to begin with & then the Thane branch, from where I moved on in my career..

Educational Information MBA/PGDM at University of Pune
from Jan 1992 till Jan 1994
B.Sc at University of Mumbai
from Jun 1991 till May 1992
12th at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan
from Jun 1986 till May 1988

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Swapnil's Spouse : Smita Sulakhe, Teacher at Arya Vidya Mandir.

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