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  • Renewable Energy Team India (Experts in Wind Energy and Solar Energy Solutions) at Enginemates Heat Transfer Pvt Ltd.
  • Market Research, Supply Management/Administration
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Summary:  EMHT Energy introduces Jeannie-The Solar Generator.

Most people hear the word Generator and straight away imagine a gas or a diesel genset but here we are introducing a generator which runs on solar power. Areas with unreliable grid power have already been benefiting using Solar in many areas around India. The Solar Generator makes it even simpler to use the Sun Energy.

Join the Solar Era by installing a Jeannie-The Solar Generator to help you run your business, your household with ease and saving you plenty in the long run.

Jeannie-The Solar Generator is available in the range of:
• 1.5kW
• 3kW
• 5kW

Jeannie-The Solar Generator uses no fuel, makes no humming sound, no maintenance costs such as oil and takes care of the environment.

Jeannie-The Solar Generator is a compact solar solution for anyone to use eliminating the need to install individual components separately. This is a standalone system which provides instant power for free that is automatically stored for use when you need it - a very efficient mini power plant.

Clean: No carbon emissions as there is no fuel involved, Uses the SUN energy.

Reliable and Efficient: Not just the sun energy but can also be charged using the grid power at the times when the sun is not available.

Quiet: The system doesn’t need to make any sound since there is no motor involved.
Compact and Durable: The Jeannie-The Solar Generator houses all the components in a neatly packed cabinet. Hence does not have any lose parts, which makes it very safe, attractive and easy to handle for any site.

Good for Business: Installing a Jeannie-The Solar Generator is quite beneficial as you can save money on fuel and show that you care about the environment. This gives everyone a chance to set an example of going green. Power availability at times when there is no grid power available gives you a chance to be more productive in your business.

Contact us at or speak to us at +912260028777 or Jeannie-The Solar Generator. Our professional team can help you decide which model will work best at your premises.

We are also looking for active distributors and sales agents to represent EMHT Energy in their area. If you are interested to become our distributor, then please write to us.

EMHT Energy Team,
Enginemates Heat Transfer Pvt Ltd.
Office No.:- 022-25919293/94/95
Direct line: - 022-32446333
Website: - .

What do I have to offer (Haves): Information and assistance for installing a Solar Generator, wind mill or a Solar system at anyone’s premises. Studying the area where anyone is looking at installing the solar generator, having our technical team provide a thorough examination of the.

What do I seek (Wants):  Looking for anyone who wishes to use the wind energy, solar energy available in their area to produce electricity for them-selves by installing our wind and solar solutions..

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Past Company Renewable Energy Team India (Experts in Wind Energy and Solar Energy Solutions) at Enginemates Heat Transfer Pvt Ltd.
Department: , from

Job Description : EMHT Energy provides renewable energy solutions. Our product range includes wind turbines between 1KW to 30KW from Netherlands, Solar power systems from Australia, and ofcourse the hybrid systems. The renewable energy solution is worked on each client's energy requirements and the feasibility of every site. Our team specialises in providing individual solutions, our policy is to design a model which will offer the highest output.

Our turbines are installed in various locations outside India as we work with a renowned turbine manufacturer from Netherlands.With these and our expertise in manufacturing of the other parts,we can offer a systematic approach for installation clubbing it with a world class after sales support.

Our Solar solutions are most suitable for rooftops for industries and residential. If our clients have ample space available on the rooftop and are focused o.

Educational Information Others at University of Mumbai
from Jun 2009 till Jul 2011

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