Saurabh Mitra

Chairaman at Mitras Charitable Foundation for Educational and Rural Development Lucknow, India | Others
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Current Companies:
  • Chairaman at Mitras Charitable Foundation for Educational and Rural Development
  • M.D. at Mitras Group
Past Companies:
  • Marketing Director at Apex Infosys
  • Others at SVM
  • Business Process Outsourcing/ BPO, Information Technology and Services, Training - Soft Skills, Voice & Accent
Business cards:   10 Business cards received
Recommendations:   1 Recommendations Received
Contacts:   193 Contacts

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Summary:  Research on Rural Market, Computer Software Knowledge at DTP, MS Office, Web Designing Flash and Movie Editing, Skill to taking Classes of Management, BPO, KPO, NGO Management, Anger Management, Stress Management, Motivational Classes, Etc. .

What do I have to offer (Haves): I have many of creative skills. So I do all the things what I want..

What do I seek (Wants):  I seek some good enterprenuer for working with me at some creative Ideas.

Saurabh Mitra's Profile Overview

Current Company Chairaman at Mitras Charitable Foundation for Educational and Rural Development
Department: Others, from Dec 2009 till now

Job Description : Work for rural market and utilize the 70% of rural market in different sector.
Promote those who have an actual need of promotion.
Work for all type of services sector.
Plan to work with some foreign companies in Indian market.
. M.D. at Mitras Group
Industry : Educational/Training
Department: Sales / Business Development, from Sep 2009 till now

Job Description : Hello.

Past Company Marketing Director at Apex Infosys
Industry : Educational/Training
Department: Technology, from from Sep 2008 till Jan 2009

Job Description : At that Company I work on contract basis for the promotion of the company..

Educational Information Others at SVM
from Jan 2002 till Jan 2004

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