Pravin Mendse

CA at Pravin Mendse & Co. Navi Mumbai, India | Accounts / Finance
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Current Companies:
  • CA at Pravin Mendse & Co.
  • CA at Pravin Mendse
  • Accounting, Audit & Risk, CA/CS/CPA
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Summary:  9 years of professional experience, mostly in accounts & finance, banking, audits etc. .

What do I have to offer (Haves): Accounts & Finance, Statutory Audits, Internal Audits, Fund raising from Banks.

What do I seek (Wants):  Looking for permanent job in the corporate sector or Big Audit firm having global presence, to explore the career, to enhance the knowledge, use the capacity in a best manner, to accomplish the dreams of educating the children in the best atmosphere..

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Current Company CA at Pravin Mendse & Co.
Department: Accounts / Finance, from Aug 2000 till now

Job Description : I have been practicing CA since year 2000. I have experience in Accounts & Finance and Audits. CA at Pravin Mendse
Department: Accounts / Finance, from Jul 2000 till now

Job Description : Practicing, since qualified from the year 2000

Educational Information CA at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI )
from Jan 1994 till Jan 2000

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