Managining Director at Theme N Concepts Delhi, India | Sales / Business Development
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Current Companies:
  • Managining Director at Theme N Concepts
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  • Business Content Developer, Corporate Communications, Product/Brand Management
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Summary: Im an Corporate Marketing professional,expertise working experience of 12 years in Banking/media/Hospitality and Events profiles.currently associated with Media cum event Management company as AGM-Marketing,
Handling Media & Corporate relations,developing expansion plans for corporate houses..

What do I have to offer (Haves): Working with an media entity , handling entire marketing segments ,imparting solutions to corporates in regards to business expansion services tools like

company Conferences
corporate meet
dealers meet
Product La.

What do I seek (Wants):  im an learner throughout my life still on the learning mode,,iam keen to lear more skills to upgrade my skills in marketing,i like interacting with different community and enrich my knowledge and learn different verticals of business development.

MOHAN KUMAR's Profile Overview

Current Company Managining Director at Theme N Concepts
Department: Sales / Business Development, from Jan 2000 till now

Job Description : Developing Business Concepts on Theme Events,Corporate get togethers,Media launches,BTL+ATL Solutions,Brand Development Strategies from conceot to executions plans across india-Rural or Urban.

Past Company Vice President-Marketing & Brand Concepts at Redefine M Marcom Pvt Ltd
Department: Marketing / PR, from from Oct 2009 till Feb 2010

Job Description : handling MICE Requirements/developing Marketing Concepts/Product promotions & plannings/media relationships/Theme event concepts/people development & OBT/incentive programs -india/overseas. Sr.Manager-Marketing at Bellset Entertainment Private Limited
Industry : Public Relations/Event Management
Department: Marketing / PR, from from Feb 2008 till Mar 2009

Job Description : handling MICE requirements across india,engeged work profile with 5 executives on events and exhibitions,developing business expansion product promotional concepts for multi induatries.

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