Inder Jain

Joint Managing Director at Bluplast Industries Ltd. Mumbai, India | Top Management
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  • Top Management - Corporate Planning/ Strategy, Top Management - Operations, Top Management - Production/ Manufacturing
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Summary:  Mobil No (India) +91 98200 98968
Mobil No (China) +86 13422213219

Skype: - ipj1980
BlackBerry Pin 212C491A
MSN: - .

What do I have to offer (Haves): We are one of the leading manufacturers & exporter of Plastic Households & insulated products in India. We are looking for business opportunities with International buyers for Iron ore, Manganese ore, Chromite ore, and Minerals.

What do I seek (Wants):  We Import from China: --- Vacuum Coffee pot, Air pot (Steel Body Vacuum) Electric Rice cooker, Induction cooker, Melamine products Dinner Set, Mug Opal ware Dinner set (White glass) Emergency light, DVD player, Home Theater, Toile ware (Brush, Boom, PVA.

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Current Company Joint Managing Director at Bluplast Industries Ltd.
Industry : Manufacturing/Industrial
Department: Top Management,

Educational Information Others at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

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