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- Code 101: Database connection failed

Fatal error!

An error occurred while trying to write to the log: error_log(/opt/Apache/htdocs/peerpower/opt/Apache/htdocs/peerpower/log/pa.log) [function.error-log]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory.

Check that the log file (/opt/Apache/htdocs/peerpower/opt/Apache/htdocs/peerpower/log/pa.log) is writeable by the web server.

Here's the message I was trying to log:

[04/29/17 1:27:34] [ ERROR: ][ An exception occurred: code 101, message Database connection failed #0 /opt/Apache/htdocs/peerpower/core/db/Dal/Dal.php(91): Dal::get_connection() #1 /opt/Apache/htdocs/peerpower/extended/Public_Profile/Public_Profile.php(215): Dal::query('SELECT UP.view,...', Array) #2 /opt/Apache/htdocs/peerpower/web/public_profile.php(28): Public_Profile::get_user_detail_by_link('harshadhardikar') #3 {main}]