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Senior Manager at Flsmidth Private Limited Pune, India | Top Management
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Current Companies:
  • Senior Manager at Flsmidth Private Limited
Past Companies:
  • Manager ( Marketing & Projects ) at ThyssenKrupp
  • Senior Engineer. at Lipi Boilers Pvt.Ltd.
  • Senior Engineer. at Lipi Boilers Private Limited.
  • Top Management - General, Top Management - Marketing, Top Management - Operations
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Summary:  A professional with over 28 years of experience in year after year success achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within rapid-change environments (Indian and Multinational). A proactive leader and planner with cross functional expertise in planning, market penetration, key account management with skills in P&L management and competitor/ market analysis. An Out-of-the-Box thinker with a flair for charting out business strategies and contributing towards enhancing business volumes & growth and achieving revenue and profitability norms. Expertise in implementing cost saving measures to achieve substantial reduction in terms of man-days, raw materials and energy consumption. Resourceful at strategizing techniques for maximum utilization of manpower/machinery. Demonstrated excellence in assessing new projects; conducting feasibility studies, assessing capital cost involved and evaluating the viability of new projects using project evaluation techniques. A team leader combined with flexible & detail oriented attitude with the ability to interact effectively. The key strengths are:
Strategic Planning Profit Centre Management P&L Management
Business Development Market Development Service Operations
Project Management Spare Part Management Installation/Commissioning
Relationship Management Resource Planning & Control Team Management .

What do I have to offer (Haves): Core Competencies
Strategic Planning:
 Formulating long term/ short term strategic plans to enhance operations in coordination with the macro plans of organization and the industry trends.
 Forging strategic alliances with major organisations,.

What do I seek (Wants):  Seeking top managerial assignments in Project Management & Marketing in a growth oriented organisation, preferably in the Heavy Engineering / Petrochemical /Oil & Gas Industry..

Govind Thorbole's Profile Overview

Current Company Senior Manager at Flsmidth Private Limited
Department: Top Management, from Jul 2006 till now

Job Description : Since Jul’ 2006 with FLSmidth Minerals India Pvt. Ltd, “ FLSmidth House “Chennai, India. (Denmark MNC), as a Senior Manager

 Heading the projects, construction and commissioning function for the various plants and machineries
 Bulk material handling systems and plants- (Stackers-reclaimers, pipe conveyors, ship loaders/unloaders, Pneumatic Transport).
 Mineral processing systems & plants.
 (Crushing, Grinding, Separation, Calcination, Drying, Cooling and incineration).
 Alumina & Bauxite, Iron ore, Lime stone, Magnasite.
 Dolomite, Lime sludge, Petcoke, Coal/Lignite
 Phosphate ore
 Refractory Raw Material
 Energy Recovery Coke over Plant

Past Company Manager ( Marketing & Projects ) at ThyssenKrupp
Industry : Automobiles
Department: Top Management, from from Jul 1991 till Jul 2006

Job Description : Jul’1991-Jul’2006 with Thyssenkrupp Industries India Pvt. Ltd., Pimpri, Pune (India), (German MNC) last designated as a Manager (Marketing & Projects)

Joined as a Senior Engineer
Promoted as an Executive Engineer
Promoted as a Site Manager
Promoted as a Marketing Manager
Promoted as a Project Manager.

 Distinction of booking and executing an overseas project such as: Material handling and cement plant spares of Thyssenkrupp Engineering Australia, Krupp Canada and Gulf Cement Company Dubai worth Rs. 25 crores.
 Functioning as a Technical Expert, deputed for the erection and commissioning of 35 TPH boiler project at Vietnam awarded by Gamesa Industrial S.A, Spain worth 15 Cr.
 Instrumental in executing various projects such as:
 Conveyor Pulleys and S.S. Idler frames for Thyssenkrupp Engineering Australia.
 Crusher & Spares for Krupp Canada.
 Conveyor Pulleys, Idler rollers & frames for Gulf Cement Company Dubai.
 Material handling spares for Panipat Thermal Power Station, Vizag Steel Plant, Vizag Port Trust, NALCO Damanjodi, Vijayawada Thermal Power Station, Kothagudam Thermal Power Station, MSEB, Khaperkheda Thermal Power Station, CSEC Ltd., Bhatinda Thermal Power Station and several Thermal Power Stations & Port Trust.
 Cement plant spares for Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd., Vasvadatta Cements, Grasim Industries Ltd., Manikgarh Cement, ACC Ltd., Prism Cement Ltd., and several cement manufacturing houses.

 Handling erection and commissioning projects, such as:
 5000TCD Sugar plant with 45TPH Boilers, 40” x 80” milling plant for Shree Valsad S.K.U.M. Ltd., worth Rs.19 crores in a record time of 3 months (An Industry Benchmark)
 2500TCD Sugar plant with Boilers, Milling Plant, Powerhouses. Boiling house for Shree Sant Tukaram S.S.K. Ltd., worth Rs.23 crores.
 2500TCD Sugar Plant with Boilers, Milling Plant, Powerhouse and Boiling House for Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar S.S.K. Ltd., worth Rs.23 crores.
 200TPH CFBC boiler (India’s FIRST CFBC Boiler) for Tata Chemicals Ltd. worth Rs.25 crores.
 Overall project planning and execution of 1000TCD Sugar Plant for Yogeshwari Sugar Industries Ltd., worth Rs.18 crores.

 Handling the troubleshooting and up gradation of 1000TPD Solvent extraction plant, 100 TPD refinery and 300 TPD FDS plant for Vippy Industries Ltd., worth Rs.11 crores.
 Successfully handling the spares division (MHE & Cement Plant) of Thysennkrupp Industries Indian Pvt Ltd., Pune.
 Distinction of being selected for the:

 Visit to Thysennkrupp Engineering Australia for attend meetings to discuss the fabrication, fabrication schedule, quality control, technical queries and transportation matters concerning the items manufactured by TKII for the Port Waralah Coal Services, Pad – D phase 3 Expansion Project (Australia).
 Executing the Prestigious Boiler Project and successfully executed the project in time.

 Received various appreciations/ commendations such as
 Certified as Best Engineer and Project Manager by the Chairman and M.D. of Shree Valsad S.K.U.M. Ltd., Valsad in 2000.
 Best Engineer of the Company by the M.D. of Krupp in 1995.
 Awarded Golden Wrist Watch for Best Project Engineer and Manager of Krupp by the M.D. Vippy Industries Ltd., in 1997.
 Best Engineer by the V.P. (Projects), Tata Chemicals in 1995.
. Senior Engineer. at Lipi Boilers Pvt.Ltd.
Industry : Engineering
Department: Operations, from from Jun 1983 till Jun 1991

Job Description : Jun’1983-Jun’1991 with Lipi Boilers Pvt Ltd., Pune (India) as Sr. Engineer (Commissioning)

 Distinction of handling key projects such as:
 Commissioning and performance test of 64TPH Bagassee Fired boiler for Budhlada Sugar Mills Ltd., worth Rs. 1.5 Cr.
 Erection and Commissioning of 35THP (2 Nos.) Bagasse Fired boilers for Taran Sugar Mill Ltd., worth Rs. 1.5 Cr.
 Erection, commissioning and performance trial of 35TPH (2 Nos.) boilers and D.M. plant for U.P. State Sugar Corporation Ltd., worth Rs. 1 Crore.
 Commissioning and performance trial of 30TPH Bagasse Fired Boilers for Kisan S. Chini Mills Ltd., worth Rs.90 Lacs.
 Erection and Commissioning of 6TPH (2 Nos.) Coal-cum-Rice Husk fired boilers for Pratap Paper Mills Ltd., worth Rs. 30 Lakhs.

 Instrumental in executing 35 projects (including the above) involving erection, commissioning, performance testing of (1TPH – 40 TPH) Coal fired, Bagasse Fired, Coal-cum-Rice Husk Fired and Oil Fired Boilers.
 Handling and managing reputed clients, such as NDDB, Milk foods, Nippon Denro Ispat, Modi Distillery, Asian Coffee, Lipton India, Amrit Banaspati and several sugar manufacturing houses.
 Recieved various appreciations and commendations letters such as:
 Merit Certificate and Memento for Best Engineer of the Company by the M.D. of the Company 1986.
 Excellence in performance, determination and courage from the M.D. of the Company in 1984.
 Recipient of Scooter and certificate in appreciation of the good work by the chairman/M.D. of Partap Paper Mills Ltd., in 1984
________________________________________. Senior Engineer. at Lipi Boilers Private Limited.
Department: Operations, from from Jun 1983 till Jun 1991

Educational Information BE/B.Tech at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marthwada University
from Jan 1978 till Jan 1982

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Interest:Top managerial assignments in Project Management & Marketing in a growth oriented organisation, preferably in the Heavy Engineering / Petrochemical /Oil & Gas Industry. is a networking site for top professionals enabling them to profit from networking and connect with thought leaders. Join PeerPower >> People Directory

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