Ather Mehmood

Consultant Business Manager at PNB Metlife Insurance Delhi, India | Sales / Business Development
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Current Companies:
Past Companies:
  • Branch Manager – Delhi Region at Telemart Communications Pvt. Ltd. India
  • Department Head at Geant Saudi Limited
  • Area Sales Manager at Simba Toys Middle East
  • Store Management
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Summary: An astute professional with over 9 years of cross cultural experience in Retail Operations, Channel Management, Sales / Marketing and Team Management.

What do I have to offer (Haves): Retail Strategic Business Planning, Merchandise Planning, Category Mgmt, Supply Chain Mgmt, Distribution.

What do I seek (Wants):  growth in retail industry.

Ather Mehmood's Profile Overview

Current Company Agency Development Manager at Max New York Life Insurance Company Ltd
Industry : Real Estate
Department: Sales / Business Development, from Apr 2011 till now

Past Company Branch Manager – Delhi Region at Telemart Communications Pvt. Ltd. India
Industry : Telecommunication/Mobile
Department: Sales / Business Development, from from Apr 2004 till Jun 2006

Job Description :  Conceptualizing & implementing various strategies for the zone in view with the upcoming market trends, competitor's activities and to achieve Sales Targets Keep up date about competitor’s info.
 Handling the process of Retail Distribution through Distribution Management and Channel Management in the assigned territory.
 Generate Reports pertaining to receivables/ payables from my Staff.
 Monitor sales results and lead team players to clear off dormant stock.
 Frequent travelling within assigned sales territory.
 Interact with Finance Dept. regarding timely debt collection / controls.
 Seek lead in launching new products.
 Partly accountable for overall profitability from the assigned territory
. Department Head at Geant Saudi Limited
Industry : Retail
Department: , from

Job Description : •Reporting to General Manager Stores
•Successfully organize and operate Department Heavy House Hold, Geant Saudi Ltd. biggest store in Saudi Arabia.
•Work out entire merchandising, ordering and maintenance features along with necessary cash and inventory control.
•Take essential measures for coordinating particular events and promotions.
•Formulate daily and weekly sales and activities reports.
•Facilitated negotiations with Suppliers to achieve the budgeted extra revenue by space selling and shelf rentals.
•Maximize sales and profitability of the area and to formulate and implement store strategies and procedures
•Promote awareness of local trading patterns, the trading environment and competitor activity
•Identify internal and external commercial opportunities
•Maximize productivity in stores through effective deployment of resources
•Increase market share in the area and study competition regularly
•Monitor and contr. Area Sales Manager at Simba Toys Middle East
Department: , from

Job Description : � Work out entire merchandising, Buying (local and overseas) maintenance features along with .

Educational Information MBA/PGDM at Aligarh Muslim University
from Jan 1998 till Jan 2000

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