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Do consumers fail to connect when celeberities endorse too many brands?

Asked by Anshit Khanna on 06, Sep 2010 01:06 PM | Total Answers: (73)
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  • At least celebrities should ensure they endorse only high end premium brands and that too from different industry cateogries and not stoop down low to endorse products like batteries, shaving blades etc.
    online photo editor watch movies online Answered by annashetty | 27, Oct 2017 12:19 PM
  • When celebrities appears on print or electronic media to advertise a product or service, they immediately catch the attention of viewer (i.e. consumer) and in that process viewer gets apprised about the attributes of product or service being endorsed by celebrity. When the viewer (i.e. consumer) make s a decision to buy such product or service, he/she is likely to be highly influenced in his decision in favour of the product or service endosed by celebrity if viewer is an ardent fan of this celebrity. Further,this infuence will be more strong if celebrity endorse the same product or service for a longer period and consumes also. However, when celebrity starts endorsing similar products or services of many brands in a short ...See More Answered by D C Srivastava , Jt. General Manager at Ordnance Factory, Trichy | 20, Jul 2011 11:31 AM
  • Celebrities endorsing a product goes towards building Brand image. Consumers who are highly influenced by the particular celebrity who has endorsed the product are connected with the product. It does not have a major influence on those consumers who do not know the celebrity, but evaluate the product on its merit. Yes, consumers fail to connect when celebrities endorse too many brands. Answered by FCA Prashant Chavan , Head - Risk Assurance at ANB Consulting Co. Pvt. Ltd. | 09, Mar 2011 09:47 AM
  • Endorsement by celeberities increases visibility for the product, need not necessarily result in retails. However if Carl Lewis endorses a shoe brand, this could induce a buying shift, thus endorsement has to be parallel to the field of fame of the celeberity.
    celebirity again endorsing many products will infact be ineffective. Answered by Ramachandran , AGM at pvt employment | 17, Dec 2010 09:13 PM
  • Most definitely. It only results in an overkill with the consumers not taking you seriously on any of the products. Consumers would probably watch in awe but never end up buying the product if it is from a multiple endorsee. Being a celebrity also makes it even more difficult as consumers look upto them.
    At least celebrities should ensure they endorse only high end premium brands and that too from different industry cateogries and not stoop down low to endorse products like batteries, shaving blades etc. Answered by Jay Gopal , Marketing Manager at landmark group | 05, Oct 2010 10:56 PM

  • 1. Celebrity will help you to get instant attention for the Ad and sometimes product too. You get mind share.
    2. Few fans will buy the product endorsed by their celeb (it depends on the nature of the product and celeb. Market share.
    3. If a celebrity remain as a celebrity no problem but if he becomes Ad model(i mean accepting too many offers for money sake) then problem starts for the product and company. ...See More Answered by R. Puratchimani | 29, Sep 2010 07:24 PM
  • Celebrity can always bring the initial attention needed, especially in rural India. That’s where our 60-70% population resides. Urban population would look to gather more information and than buy a product.

    But celebrity endorsing too many brands does not confuse the customer, if celebrity persona matches with product. Let’s take Segwag – if he endorses parachute hair oil .or Mr. Ganguly endorsing for Gold Gym. It will not only create confusion, but also bad publicity. Or sachin endorsing ujaala powder. Answered by claudius fernando , Sr Officer at The Times of India | 26, Sep 2010 05:47 PM
  • In my opinion too much featuring of celebrities for a product by virtue of endorsing, ultimately leads to the performance of the product to go on a decline. On the other hand, too many brands getting endorsement from one celebrity or group of celebrities does not go well with the ultimate consumer. I would rather relate with a personal touch by portraying more common 'men' for endorsing of a product. This clicks immediately with the masses as they relate more to it. Nowadays the education level of the masses is on the upswing, and so blind trust and faith has taken a severe beating, today one wants more of practicallity and reality. Answered by Dr. Russel Lawrie , Head marketing Sales Admin PR Events at Wockhardt Ltd | 22, Sep 2010 12:07 AM
  • I feel the conumers are more aware now , while effecting they just luk fr their pockets irrespective of who is the brand ambassdor , Answered by Utsav Jha , Assistant Manager- Internal Audit at PACL India Limited | 20, Sep 2010 04:41 PM
  • Yas it gives less effect on consumer. Answered by Akhil Kumar Vyas , Sr. Manager at ALP Overseas Private Limited | 17, Sep 2010 09:23 AM
  • Of course it is possible that the consumer face disconnect with a star endorsing too many brands. For making the brand discernible as well as connected with the masses or class, as the products may be, the companies do take stars as brand ambassadors. But stars are also greedy and in the game of making big bucks ask their managers to take as many brands possible to make hay while the sun is hot. Though ultimately in the long run they lose their distinctive charm. But who cares now a days? Ultimately the brand they are endorsing does not get the desired value and its ultimately up to the managers who have roped in the star either to continue with him or make some changes.The bottomline is-brands do suffer Answered by Prabhakar Srivastava , Principal Consultant at Future Next Consultants | 15, Sep 2010 11:50 PM
  • It doesn`t matter who endorses what.....if you are a sensible consumer and if the product fits your needs then you buy it....... Answered by Dr. Vivek Sahi , Senior Consultant & Clinical Transformation Analyst at Dell - Perot Systems | 12, Sep 2010 10:29 PM

  • I am suprised by the weak answers here... (and I say this with respect) .. BUT...
    - affordability... ABSOLUETLY
    - quality... (a great marketer can sell "junk"...) quality helps prolong the selling cycle... prevents lots of returns and bad PR ... keeps you out of jail... and gets you into heaven... it is a MORAL ISSUE... but 80% of most products/services sold in the world are NOT high quality... the consumer buys lots of garbage products....
    ...See More Answered by Captain... , Owner, 23 year Expert in Direct Sales Industry, Business Builder, Increase Sales, Boost Stock Value, at | 09, Sep 2010 01:26 AM
  • No matter who are promoting the products, consumer becomes very smart to look after only two things
    1- affordable as per consumer
    2 - quality matters to the consumer. Answered by lokendra sharma , Head Marketing at Ambrosia Drugs (P) Ltd | 08, Sep 2010 03:56 PM

  • i wish to add further to what I had posted earlier , if all marketiers could ponder as to 1.why are the brands like Amitabh Bachan, SRK, or and so many continuing to entrance & hit the Indian masses.
    2. why do the roles they enact as characters in different ways don't clutter their own positioning as brands.
    3. How do the Indian customers associate these iconic brands to, in the scale of their values, perception, imagery & satisfaction .
    ...See More Answered by Ramesh Parakkat , Consultant at Redpoint ventures Pvt Limited | 08, Sep 2010 07:24 AM
  • forgive me... but with all due RESPECT to many of these answers... 99% of these comments are just "generalizations" ... and this is WHAT IS WRONG WITH PR Firms............. there is ONLY ONE RIGHT ANSWER............. MARKETING RESEARCH !!! TESTING !!!! ... a Celeb could endorce 100 products... and yours COULD BE LOST in the confusion... BUT - if you selected your Celeb Brilliantly, then YOUR PRODUCT could OVER-SHADOW all the others they are endorcing... and thus, your campaign would be a huge success....... but only a PROFESSIONAL ANALYSIS will tell you the direction to take...... i.e. if an over-weight Celeb is hired to endorce a Diet/Health Product... this might be a horrible selection... but what if the celeb was in ...See More Answered by Captain... , Owner, 23 year Expert in Direct Sales Industry, Business Builder, Increase Sales, Boost Stock Value, at | 08, Sep 2010 02:29 AM
  • it will go wrong if celebrities appear for multiple brands. it wont get registered in the people's mind and fail to create an impact and people feel bore on all the promos he/she appears Answered by amba shankar , ceo at connoisseur's studio | 07, Sep 2010 07:07 PM
  • As long as the celebrity profile (attitude, personality and public perception) and the brand profile are in line, its a win-win. Else there is little impact Answered by KARTHIK ANANTHARAMAN , Head of Medical Team at Integrated Disease Management Pvt Ltd | 07, Sep 2010 05:02 PM
  • When a celebrity endorses too many brands , then the Brand looses the recall value instead celebrity becomes a bigger brand and gains higher recall value.

    For example, now it matters less that which brand is endorsed by Dhoni , but what matters more is that the number of brands endorsed by dhoni.
    Guess the readers would find the opinion acceptable. Answered by Saurabh Jain , Marketing Executive at UBX | 07, Sep 2010 01:48 PM
  • Yes consumers wont succeed in connecting the celeberities endorsing too many brands. Reasons are evident:
    1. Those endorsing too many brands end up endorsing two or more competitor's brands.(Pepsi and Coca cola for e.g)
    2. Like one of the peers expressed it creates clutter in their minds.

    3. Celeberity is a bigger brand than the brand he endorses.(e.g. Mahindra singh Dhoni endorsing a mobile handset or a mobiles services).

    Then why do the companies endorse such celeberities?
    1. It definitely helps in increasing the brand visilility.

    2. Though celebrities are a bigger brands. The other brand gets a Brand Connect with the model celeberity.

    3. They go for celeberities as a competition. Answered by Vivekanand Katarki , Asst Manager - Marketing at Callisto Projects Pvt Ltd | 07, Sep 2010 11:07 AM
  • Too much of endorsement will ofcourse create confusion, it is the easiest form of advertisement and sometimes play safe if a celebrity is there.Important is the message to the consumer to create an impact. Answered by SUBHOJIT GANGULY , Eastern Region at NASSCOM | 07, Sep 2010 10:53 AM
  • Multibrand ambassador is cheap for the ad agency and variety to the consumer Answered by SHAMPA BOSE , advertising business at LOVE ADS | 07, Sep 2010 10:49 AM
  • Yes it is quite natural.Moreover advertisements will be perceived as an entertainment.Endorsing too many brands will create confusion. Answered by Anand Kumar Anantula , Development Officer at Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC) | 07, Sep 2010 08:43 AM
  • the CORRECT answer is: 0- MKTG RESEARCH will ABSOLUETLY TELL YOU whether you need a celeb or whether you are WASITING YOUR MONEY on one... 1- if the STUDY shows good performance with ONE SPECIAL CELEB, then it is VITAL for a company to be connect to the RIGHT/correct celebrrity with the RIGHT product/service..... 2- the PR program must be designed properly to maximize the biggest IMPACT with you buying/sunsumer. Hiring the WRONG FIRM will kill the project.... 3- NOTE: different results will come from different REGIONS/cultures/GENDER/AGES/society status etc etc in Europe/USA/India/ASIA, etc....... 4- noone is talking about the MOST VITAL issue regarding all of this: implimenting some brilliant MARKET RESEARCH - TESTING... ...See More Answered by Captain... , Owner, 23 year Expert in Direct Sales Industry, Business Builder, Increase Sales, Boost Stock Value, at | 07, Sep 2010 01:18 AM
  • Amazing partcipation. Am just enjoying all the answers. Great post Anshit.. Answered by Pankaj Jain | 06, Sep 2010 11:57 PM
  • No ...brands are established on their quality &value a consumer drives out of it & the celebrities act only as a catalyst . Answered by VIDHU SHARMA , AGM (NPD,NPJ & RESEARCH at DS Group) | 06, Sep 2010 11:48 PM
  • Celebrities endorse too many brands but not same product. So there is no problems at all to connect for the consumers. Answered by ARYA BANDHU BANERJEE , Asst. Branch Manager at Highlight media communications pvt. ltd. | 06, Sep 2010 11:32 PM

  • Celeberity endorsement has its pros and cons.
    There has to a strong brand fit to create the impact.It can help in building the saliency and imagery association for lesser known brands.The judiciuos use of celeberity in communication not just the advertisement can help the brand to stand out and differentiate itself holding a key to build its proposition.It should not overshadow the brand.
    ...See More Answered by Ranjan Mitra , Head-Marketing at Hover Automotive India Private Limited | 06, Sep 2010 09:53 PM
  • though a celebrity endorses too many brands he may not be associated with most of them as it depends on the celebrity's credibility and the message and the presentation of that message. if the commercial is made in a really attractive way with a appropriate message, having the right celebrity though he might be endorsing too many brands can still make a good impact to the brand. Answered by mahani reddy , senior corporate sales executive at Info Edge India Ltd | 06, Sep 2010 09:04 PM

  • In India the percentage of the so called well informed and educated customers is only in the urban Indian states and these guys do not in anyway represent the majority.
    The majority of the population in India who had begun to consume after a long period of deprivation due to their disposable income levels currently having seen a remarkable increase in the recent years would want to associate with the celebrities who fulfil l his aspirational values & are part of his dreams he cherishes to see happen, hence all the theories of disconnect etc are only but slogans/themes which are propagated by marketers who sit in air -condition cabin and who strictly follow the Harvard Business
    ...See More Answered by Ramesh Parakkat , Consultant at Redpoint ventures Pvt Limited | 06, Sep 2010 08:09 PM
  • Lets' face it---today the consumer is very well-informed.
    Being influenced by Celebraties will depend on which category of products they are endorsing---Whitening creams,Cosmetics,Anti-ageing,Clear-Spots,Shampoos etc are products that can be good for the celebraties.
    The question here is of credibility!!!
    The celebraties (film folks) are considered to be "above normal beautiful"persons.
    Cement,Wire-cables,and the likes of it---what is the credibility??
    The celebrati should be considered to have the "value"same as the attribute of the product or at least seen to be having. Answered by Uday Junnarkar , HOD,Vet Sales at Muscat Pharmacy & Stores,LLC | 06, Sep 2010 06:06 PM
  • I would like to ask how much is "too many brands"! Evidently, there is no clear answer for it.

    The crucial aspect for consumers will remain the ability of the commercial to transmit categorical messages about the brand. The ability to transfer the message can be enhanced with the inclusion of a celebrity if done as a part of a well-though tactic or strategy. Otherwise, there can be underachievement of objectives (meaning, more money has to be spent to reach objectives) or mishaps (meaning, costly reversal of tactics/ strategy to retain market position). Answered by Jairaj B. Jatar , Chief Operating Officer at Beehive Edison Research Pvt. Ltd. | 06, Sep 2010 05:42 PM
  • Well celeberities only give a loyalty factor to the brand but doesnt make a big difference in its sales because most of the brands endorsed by the big names are used for the middle, upper middle & higher class of the society and these consumers take their own decisions. The celeberity factor can only add glamour and recall value of the product. Answered by Abhishek Banerjee , Business Owner at Solace Communications | 06, Sep 2010 05:29 PM
  • Celebrities are a natural fit for some brands like, film stars for Lux, L’Oreal and brands those require glamour quotient. Cricketers or other athletes for health brands and so on, but for many brands celebrities are a waste. Answered by Yogendra Sharma , Creative Director at Freelancer | 06, Sep 2010 05:04 PM
  • YES, they do get confused....!! Consumers questions about trustworthyness, loyalty and belief....!! Answered by Trinanjan Gupta , Marketing Communications Officer at Qatar Steel | 06, Sep 2010 04:38 PM
  • I would like to say only one thing " Yeh Public hai sab janti hai public hai" Answered by Rupesh Sharma , Communication Assistant, Corporate Communications at Tata Steel Ltd | 06, Sep 2010 04:36 PM
  • Certainly customers fail to connect. There are a few simple reasons a) because a single celebrity endorsing too many products leads to credibility issues b) At times it only adds to the clutter and confusion. c) sometimes a wrong brand celebrity rub off also creates a bad impact. d) My personal view point is using a celebrity is merely a case of creative bankruptcy. Celebrities are effective only to the extent of getting a brand recognition, but i would also like to believe that the ultimate action of purchase relies on factors much beyond the star power alone... Prof Tripti Dhote Answered by Tripti Dhote | 06, Sep 2010 04:21 PM
  • YES. Consumers who do get affected by celebrity endorsements start getting confused after watching the same celebrity endorsing multiple products. Because then consumer realizes the celebrity is not uniquely promoting that one product only, rather using his status for purely commercial purposes. As a result, the 'aura' around the celebrity diminishes impacting further endorsements. And it is true for all kind of celebs. Answered by Ashutosh Priyadarshi , Consumer Marketing at CSS Corp Pvt Ltd | 06, Sep 2010 04:20 PM

  • - To me, it's true to have the same ambassador for different brands with reducing effects. Let's not assume that consumers are ill-informed about celebrity status. Consumers infact will shift their focus on something else for sure in case a celebrity endorses too many brands or a single brand that doesn't connect with the brand story.

    - It is wise and advisable to have the right people for the right job.
    ...See More Answered by Omprakash Banerjee , Account Director - East at US Adcom Pvt. Ltd. | 06, Sep 2010 04:06 PM

  • Hi Anshit:
    This is what academic researches are saying:
    While many celebrities do endorse multiple brands, overexposure has been identified as potentially detrimental (Till 1998).
    ...See More Answered by Etinder Pal Singh , director executive development at Northpoint-Lintas | 06, Sep 2010 03:59 PM
  • i believe our adman and brand managers r smart enough to clearly demarcate the two products ad with same personality
    so for me there is no confusion, as its apparent if we think for coke we will not surely corelate it with sachin or shahrukh as image first comes to mind is aamir khan, and if amir is there in mind so easily we can recall for tata sky and titan brands. Answered by sumit sethi , GM - Marketing at NIILM School of Business | 06, Sep 2010 03:55 PM
  • Yes.I have noticed many people jeering at the so called celebrities endorsing this and that products and recommending people to use them when they have lost the respectable image in the society.Also people are much particular and knowledgeable in selecting a particular product.Celebrities can not take everything for granted but watch out their behaviour and attitude which will go a long way among common people. Answered by Chandrashekar Narasimhaiah , free lance journalist/consulltant at freelance journalism/ consulting | 06, Sep 2010 03:55 PM
  • Depends upon the match between the celebrity's personality and the brand personality. If the two are matching there is no problem to connect the consumer and the brand. Answered by Ramnath Misra , GM Marketing at Hyderabad Industries Limited | 06, Sep 2010 03:37 PM
  • Today consumers relate to the idea more than a in point would be the "What an idea" campaign. Celebrity connect is there till the campaign is on at full swing, but if the celebrity is doing too many campaigns, the recall diminshes. For a new brand, a celebrity may be important to provide the consumer a frame of reference, but to have high recall and connect the thought behind using the celebrity and the campaign thought should be very strong Answered by alok bhargava , Management Trainee at Ozone Group | 06, Sep 2010 03:35 PM
  • Yes the consumer do still connect 'the brand with Celebrity', but yes if the celebrity endorsing too many brands... its difficult to associate a 'celebrity with a specific brand.'
    Need to understand the thin line of difference:
    Hence brands dont get the additional mileage of consumer connecting celebrity to the brand. Which is a loss though not too big.

    Examples: Amitabh can not be connected to any brand too many endorsement. But Navratna tal & Binani Cement Reminds us of Amitabh.

    Where in if we look at Sachin it reminds us of Horlicks, Pretty of Fanta, Tiger woods in India for Accenture. Answered by Aakash Barot , Asst Product Manager at Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd. | 06, Sep 2010 03:22 PM
  • Celebrities, mostly actors and cricketers attract eyeballs in India. However, it is the quality of the message and its ability to capture mindspace that makes the message effective. If the personality of the celebrity matches well with product / brand attributes ... and is combined with a great idea, the message should work well everytime. Answered by shirley Alex , Consultant at VIA ( Flightraja Travels Pvt Ltd) | 06, Sep 2010 03:20 PM
  • Celebrities, mostly actors and cricketers attract eyeballs in India. However, it is the quality of the message and its ability to capture mindspace that makes the message effective. If the personality of the celebrity matches well with product / brand attributes ... and is combined with a great idea, the message should work well everytime. Answered by shirley Alex , Consultant at VIA ( Flightraja Travels Pvt Ltd) | 06, Sep 2010 03:20 PM
  • Celebrities, mostly actors and cricketers attract eyeballs in India. However, it is the quality of the message and its ability to capture mindspace that makes the message effective. If the personality of the celebrity matches well with product / brand attributes ... and is combined with a great idea, the message should work well everytime. Answered by shirley Alex , Consultant at VIA ( Flightraja Travels Pvt Ltd) | 06, Sep 2010 03:19 PM
  • Yes, it's very much true, thus few are there who are very concess of there image, and they cash very less and 80% celeberities they cash themself becuase they know that there fountation are not very stronge to witdstand for long period, but in media and people If one have to make a place, he/she should know the brand value for which they are becoming ambassader Answered by Paresh Prajapati , Creative Head & Account Executive at Dheer Advertising | 06, Sep 2010 03:18 PM
  • Celebrities attract eyeballs,espescially actors and cricketers in India. However, it is the quality of the message and its ability to retain mindspace that makes any advertising effective. If the Personality of the celebrity matches with product/ brand attributes and is combined with a great concept .... it should work everytime. Answered by shirley Alex , Consultant at VIA ( Flightraja Travels Pvt Ltd) | 06, Sep 2010 03:16 PM
  • One of the most reasons for celebrity endorsements are to entice Brand recall among your relevant audience. If a celebrity is endorsing too many brands it is impossible to maintain a levelled brand recall which completely disorients the purpose of celebrtiy advertising. Although strong celebrites such as the likes of SRK when endorse number of brands (more than 25, I think) he is remembered distinctively in each one of them. But not every celebrity has the capability or the aura to do so. Interestingly I have written a thesis/research paper of the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements @ Brunel University, UK. Answered by Shivani Bhalla , Senior Officer at Bennett Coleman & Company Limited | 06, Sep 2010 03:03 PM
  • I would agree tho this. Celeberity himself is a brand and he should understand his brand image. If he is endorsing brand which is against his image people will not accept him as well as brand. In current condition all the celeberities are in the race to get more brands to endorse, they believes in quantity not quality. Answered by Chetan Jani , Owner at feather advertising | 06, Sep 2010 02:57 PM
  • Market is volatile for last 3 years, there are other factors also responsible for success apart from celebrity endorsement. Answered by Satyandhar Jain , Top Management at Focus Communications | 06, Sep 2010 02:56 PM
  • Celebrity and Brand should have the connect. Also, agencies need to do a good creative job to leverage the tie up.

    If that is done properly and a common man can simply put the communications and the actors (brand & celebrity) in the right context.

    SO much so, some do a paste up job and some really think thru Answered by Sandeep Goel , CEO at sequoia Management Services Pvt ltd | 06, Sep 2010 02:54 PM
  • Sometimes, it depends if the brands are similar products and if their product's USP is not really connected to the celebrity itself. Answered by Susanne Liu , Senior PR & Marketing Manager at Strategic Management Group (SMG) | 06, Sep 2010 02:51 PM
  • Yes...the concept of celebrity endorsements was to lend more credibility to the product and the brand with the 'assumed fact' disclosed that the celebrity is a 'user' of the product and hence endorse the quality and integrity of the brand. However, celebrities 'behaving' like brands themselves and with multiple brand endorsments it has become difficult for a viewer / consumer to distinguish and effectively recall the brand endorsed by a celebrity . That just kills the buzz for the product, brand and ROI might be hardly 2%.... Answered by Bijal Sanghani , Manager - Corporate Communication at UFO Moviez India Ltd | 06, Sep 2010 02:50 PM
  • Unless the features showcased of the product's are similar to the traits possessed by the celebrity. with major focus USP that they have to offer.... Answered by vijayshree bedi bhave , client servicing at log 5 communications | 06, Sep 2010 02:43 PM
  • Answered by Ankit agarwal , Financial Advisor Practice Journal at Journal of Finance | 06, Sep 2010 02:42 PM
  • There's no doubt that brand recall blurs if a celebrity appears in too many product commercials. Its made easier with the kind of social connects / storylines TVCs create in the name of creativity. There's nothing wrong with that kind of creativity, but I could easily replace one storyline with another from a totally different product category, and you wouldn't even notice the difference. If you can't do that, you won't recall the product. And if you only recall Dhoni or AB, the TVC has lost out on the objective. If Dhoni or AB decide to endorse several products, their TVCs make a mockery of the multi-crore campaign budget made out for them.
    Its without a doubt that brand recall suffers in multiple endorsement cases. Answered by Aarif Malik , Asst. Vice President at Sampark Public Relations Pvt. Ltd. | 06, Sep 2010 02:38 PM
  • I would agree to this. A celebrity is an iconic personality. He's got millions of fan followers behind him and he makes an impact on their lives one way or other.

    If the celebrity endorses too many brands, he might be instrumental in confusing the consumer about the right selection and making the right choice, which might lead the consumer to select the wrong benefits for themselves.

    The celebrity should not only think about self commercial benefits but also try to visualize the impact of multiple brand endorsements on the fan following. Answered by Fareed Khan | 06, Sep 2010 02:38 PM
  • They do depending on celeberities. Their popularty and their image as they are very few in India in comparison to devoloped countries... Answered by Resheb Jain , VP- NBD at Adwel Advertising | 06, Sep 2010 02:30 PM
  • I do not think it has any major impact on popularity of the brand. If a celebrity is in demand, there is no problem in showing him for a number of times. In fact, it creates a positive impact in the mind of consumers. Answered by Satya Jain , Analyst at ICICI Bank Ltd | 06, Sep 2010 01:43 PM

  • It is true but shocking that the consumers can be divided in to following categories:-

    1. Well read and discerning :-
    ...See More Answered by Narasimhan Brig Retd S L | 06, Sep 2010 01:42 PM
  • Over exposing a celebrity can certainly end up loss of interest by consumers. Brand ambassadors must choose the brands carefully to remain in the fray for long. Answered by suchitra singh , Business analyst at Sahara India Mass Communication Ltd | 06, Sep 2010 01:40 PM
  • The irony here is that brand ambassadors are usually hired to differentiate a brand from a clutter, but they end up creating a clutter instead when they do not have diverse brands to endorse, irrespective of the numbers. Answered by Rejeev Sinha , Group Manager at Godrej Industries Ltd | 06, Sep 2010 01:26 PM
  • When celebrities endorse any brand, they are seen as the loyalty factor behind that brand. When too many ads are done by one ambassador, it kills the uniqueness and excitement. Celebrities should choose brands as per their persona and not go behind lucrative money only. Answered by Pooja Bhatt Achari , Marketing manager at Reliance Communications | 06, Sep 2010 01:16 PM
  • Over-exposing a celebrity can have its ill-effects. Many experts feel that the consumer starts losing focus and the communication (of different brands) gets blurred. The consumer fails to connect with any brand. But on the other hand some feel that brand ambassadors such as Bachchan or Dhoni are rare species. And that explains why most companies with big advertising budgets are in a hurry to rope one of them to feature in their commercials. What is your say on this? Answered by Anshit Khanna , Sr. Marketing Manager at Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd. | 06, Sep 2010 01:12 PM

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