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Living a five-star life

Views:508 | Comments:1 | Author:Betty Mahalik | Posted on July 10, 2010

A friend of mine, who has a far greener thumb than I, recently took me on a tour of her backyard in the desert southwest of the US. She pointed out all the varieties of trees, shrubs and grasses she h.. Read full story


Views:358 | Comments:1 | Author:Srikumar Rao | Posted on July 3, 2010

NO MATTER what happens to us in life,we tend to think of it as good or bad.And most of us tend to use the bad label three to 10 times as often as the good label.And when we say something is bad,the od.. Read full story

Capital ideas evolving

Views:587 | Comments:1 | Author:Peter Bernstein | Posted on July 2, 2010

The bundle of ideas, models, concepts and systems embodied in the theoretical structure of modern finance — what I describe as Capital Ideas — appeared between 1952 and 1973.
The ent.. Read full story

Financial Shock

Views:455 | Comments:1 | Author:Mark Zandi | Posted on June 29, 2010

America's financial system has long been the envy of the world... So it wasn't surprising when Wall Street engineers devised a new and ingenious way for global money managers to finance ordinary Ameri.. Read full story

Leadership lessons from India

Views:635 | Comments:1 | Author:Peter Cappelli | Posted on June 28, 2010

The Indian economy largely sidestepped the financial crisis because of wise banking practices; its overall growth rate is second in the world, only to China.
Its major corporations are growing a.. Read full story

Saving capitalism from the capitalists

Views:420 | Comments:1 | Author:Raghuram Rajan | Posted on June 24, 2010

Financing is the exchange of a sum of money today for a promise to return more money in the future.

Not surprisingly, such an exchange can be problematic.
First, even the most honest b.. Read full story

The E-Myth Revisited

Views:516 | Comments:1 | Author:Michael Gerber | Posted on June 21, 2010

The E-Myth is the myth of the entrepreneur... Picture the typical entrepreneur and Herculean pictures come to mind: a man or woman standing alone, wind blown against the elements, bravely defying insu.. Read full story

The Nine Fantasies That Will Ruin Your Life

Views:519 | Comments:1 | Author:Dr Joy Browne | Posted on June 18, 2010

Everybody indulges in fantasies from time to time, but as a lifestyle choice, we're talking disaster! Even if these seemingly harmless little devils don't ruin your life, they can cause a lot of avoid.. Read full story


Views:474 | Comments:1 | Author:Jared Diamond | Posted on June 5, 2010

THE next time you visit a zoo, make a point of walking past the ape cages. Imagine that the apes had lost most of their hair, and imagine a cage nearby holding some unfortunate people, who had no clot.. Read full story

The art of the start

Views:434 | Comments:1 | Author:Guy Kawasaki | Posted on June 2, 2010

There are many ways to describe the ebb and flow, yin and yang, bubble-blowing and bubble-bursting phases of business cycles. Here's another one: microscopes and telescopes.
In the microscope ph.. Read full story

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