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Training them to go for the skill

Views:1164 | Comments:12 | Author:Tapash Talukdar & Ashish Agashe | Posted on March 26, 2010

Around the end of last year, a group of businessmen in Faridabad, an industrial township and aspiring satellite town on the outskirts of Delhi, got worried about the shortage of skilled workers in the.. Read full story

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Swiss closer to wiping another layer of secrecy

Views:680 | Comments:12 | Author:Hema Ramakrishnan | Posted on March 23, 2010

Two weeks ago, UBS, Switzerland's largest  bank by assets, is understood to have asked Swiss parliamentarians to support a deal to end a tax row with the US. The deal, signed by Swiss and US auth.. Read full story

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UPA-II's new coalition muscle

Views:809 | Comments:12 | Author:C L Manoj | Posted on March 8, 2010

The functional health of any ruling coalition depends more on the level of political will and confidence of its leading party than on the numerical strength of its constituents. The pre-nuclear dea.. Read full story

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Indian Budget will remain a secret affair

Views:621 | Comments:12 | Author:Shantanu Nandan Sharma | Posted on February 28, 2010

Two years ago, just a few days before the final Budget document was to be sent to the printing press in North Block’s basement area, a tax proposal was summarily rejected by the PM giving jitter.. Read full story

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3 new jobs for CEOs in 2010

Views:683 | Comments:12 | Author:D Shivakumar | Posted on February 15, 2010

The challenges for a CEO are never easy in good years. The challenges will be sharper as CEOs try to guide their firms out of the 2009 economic situation. For me, CEOs need to focus on three areas for.. Read full story

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Big opportunity for insurers

Views:481 | Comments:12 | Author:Rajesh Shukla | Posted on February 1, 2010

The Indian economy is growing from strength to strength. The fast-paced economic growth is bringing about a change in the country’s socio-economic fabric. It is not uncommon to see Indian househ.. Read full story

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How global cos can better ride India wave

Views:804 | Comments:11 | Author:R Gopalakrishnan | Posted on October 4, 2010

There is a lot of interest in India among MNCs, but they face dilemmas. Many have a global organisational structure, not country-oriented, and this inhibits their ability to get the best out of Ind.. Read full story

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For clean, green energy

Views:1156 | Comments:11 | Author:Paramita Chatterjee | Posted on October 1, 2010

Early this week, when renewable energy company Auro Mira Energy raised $21 million from a clutch of private equity investors, founder N Srinivasan pegged the market opportunity for his young compan.. Read full story

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Chemical industry needs more explorers

Views:1098 | Comments:11 | Author:R Gopalakrishnan | Posted on September 6, 2010

Institutions make choices at forks on their journey and embark on distinctive trajectories. The choice made is influenced by its culture and mindset. During the recent crisis, for example, Germany spe.. Read full story

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Life after debt

Views:1241 | Comments:11 | Author:Sugata Ghosh | Posted on August 18, 2010

Last year, a trusted lieutenant of Habil Khorakiwala dialled a Singapore number to contact a gentleman named Ponty Singh. Mr Singh, a former banker with Morgan Stanley and Citi, owns the financial ser.. Read full story

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