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Farmers and their Sisyphean task

Views:712 | Author:Neeraj Kaushal | Posted on January 13, 2011

The Andhra Pradesh government has blamed microfinance institutions for the soaring number of suicides committed by farmers in recent months. Former state chief minister and Telugu Desam chief N C.. Read full story

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Five reasons to scrap this right

Views:798 | Author:Manish Sabharwal | Posted on January 12, 2011

It is said that one of most damaging virtues of George W Bush was his steadiness; he believed the same thing on Wednesday that he believed on Monday — no matter what happened on Tuesday. Read full story

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Security lessons from history & geography

Views:425 | Author:Rajmohan Gandhi | Posted on January 11, 2011

For long, parts of what is now Pakistan and India faced dangers and invasions from northwest. Today the subcontinent again faces a threat from the northwest, with Pakistan facing even more of it .. Read full story

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Climate talks & national interest

Views:587 | Author:Mukul Sanwal | Posted on January 10, 2011

The debate on the climate negotiations, instead of discussing the nature of any policy shift, should define the national position and determine red lines for future negotiations. A new paradigm h.. Read full story

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Behind the geopolitical hugs

Views:773 | Author:Brahma Chellaney | Posted on January 7, 2011

In a recent span of five months,the head of government or state from each of the five powers with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council visited India.
Accompanied.. Read full story

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Jalan panel's missed opportunity

Views:730 | Author:B B Chakrabarti & Mritiunjoy Mohanty | Posted on January 6, 2011

The Jalan committee report has elicited a lot of comment, mostly related to its recommendations with regard to listing, profit caps and restrictions on the number of exchanges. Important as these.. Read full story

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Stocks could touch new highs

Views:772 | Author:Sunil Kewalramani | Posted on January 5, 2011

Despite its annus horribilis, the eurozone is expanding: Estonia has joined the eurozone on January 1, 2011 as its 17th member. What the euro needs is more Germanys. What it gets is more Irelands.. Read full story

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Silver linings and a bright future

Views:586 | Author:Kiran Karnik | Posted on January 4, 2011

New beginnings are a time for hope and optimism — more so when it is not just the dawn of a fresh day, but the birth of a new year. Like the last dregs of stale coffee, the old year leaves .. Read full story

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Pragmatism replaces hubris

Views:812 | Author:Mythili Bhusnurmath | Posted on January 3, 2011

Monday morning blues are as much a part of life as the changing seasons and the old year giving way to the new. Scientists have an explanation for it. They say our internal clocks naturally opera.. Read full story

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Getting corruption right

Views:729 | Comments:4 | Author:Jagdish Bhagwati | Posted on December 31, 2010

I just returned from India, where I was lecturing to the Indian Parliament in the same hall where US President Barack Obama had recently spoken. The country was racked by scandal. A gigantic, min.. Read full story

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