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Tolerance is a Key Virtue

Views:1076 | Comments:1 | Author:Vithal C Nadkarni | Posted on April 7, 2011

A silhouette of that French Gadfly of Reason, Voltaire, serves as an emblem for the new art of the enlightenment exhibition in the recently refurbished National Museum in Beijing. The work, which is a.. Read full story

Follow the Moth-trek

Views:928 | Author:Vithal C Nadkarni | Posted on March 31, 2011

“You don’t get anywhere by chasing stars,” says the father of the moth in James Thurber’s Fables for Our Time. Moth Junior aspires to fly up to a star and keeps trying to re.. Read full story

Of mice and men

Views:959 | Author:Vithal C Nadkarni | Posted on March 30, 2011

It was a huge come-down for post-docs researching into biological roots of longevity. Here they were chugging along nicely in a top-flight lab, expecting to uncover Nobelworthy discoveries. Then ca.. Read full story

Getting to the Real Root

Views:978 | Author:Mukul Sharma | Posted on March 29, 2011

Most people know that money is not the root of all evil. Instead, the correct quotation from the New Testament is: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” This puts a di.. Read full story

Younger by the Year

Views:1005 | Author:Mukul Sharma | Posted on March 25, 2011

One of the ways to tell that you’re not ageing gracefully is when your contemporaries grow younger than you. Bertrand Russell was not only intellectually active almost to the end of his life, bu.. Read full story

Survival of the Sickest

Views:969 | Author:Vithal C Nadkarni | Posted on March 17, 2011

A chance meeting with a neuro-psychiatrist in a bistro changed your columnist’s perspective on health and disease forever. Up until then, he had looked upon disease only as a bane. But what i.. Read full story

Half-Way to euthanasia

Views:873 | Author:Vithal C Nadkarni | Posted on March 16, 2011

Euthanasia was illegal in India when Sanjay Leela Bhansali made Guzaarish with Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead. Active mercy killing is still out of legal bounds. But the position on c.. Read full story

How sweet are lemons?

Views:768 | Author:Mukul Sharma | Posted on March 15, 2011

Synsepalum dulcificum, or ‘miracle berry’ as it’s commonly referred to in West Africa where it grows, is quite prized by the locals for an amazing property: it makes sour things tast.. Read full story

'Doing' to 'Being'

Views:706 | Author:K Vijayarahgavan | Posted on March 14, 2011

With the art of divining the avocation, way of life and manner of living, suited best to oneself, things commence to fall in place, enabling one to “live with the license of a higher order of be.. Read full story

Turn loss into gain

Views:849 | Author:Vithal C Nadkarni | Posted on March 13, 2011

The little finger is called Anamika thanks to the unfazed genius of the Sanskrit poet. He allegedly ran out of epithets while naming the fingers on his palm. That’s how the little digit came to .. Read full story

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