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Say no to nicotine

Views:625 | Comments:1 | Posted on January 25, 2011

The government is reportedly toying with a proposal to ban foreign direct investment (FDI) in the wholesale marketing arms of cigarette companies and subject import of tobacco products to licensing. W.. Read full story

Wipro, be nimble

Views:452 | Posted on January 25, 2011

That Wipro is making an attempt to respond to its relatively poor performance is welcome. Without a change in direction and a change in how it is internally organised, it cannot hope to race ahead as .. Read full story

It’s a mad world

Views:456 | Posted on January 24, 2011

The world, it seems, may now with adequate reason be divided into two groups. Those with gadgets — not necessarily geeks, but just people who are up-to-date with new toys — and those witho.. Read full story

Karnataka deserves better

Views:536 | Posted on January 24, 2011

With Karnataka governor H R Bhardwaj according sanction to prosecute chief minister B S Yeddyurappa over alleged acts of corruption, and the BJP responding with allegations of bias and calling for the.. Read full story

Sanctity vs sanctimony

Views:492 | Posted on January 24, 2011

The chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and the Supreme Court have chastised telecom minister Kapil Sibal for his remarks on the so-called 2G telecom scam. The minister has chosen to be chastise.. Read full story

We eat, therefore we are

Views:318 | Posted on January 23, 2011

The best way to understand India is to get a taste of it. And we do mean literally. When it comes to flavours, each region has specifics that tell the story of the place. Every bite is a slice of.. Read full story

Tiger mothers

Views:614 | Posted on January 21, 2011

From winning spelling bees to churning out programmes for our tireless outsourcing behemoths,Indian youngsters show the formidable depth of their random access memories with metronomic precision.Why t.. Read full story

The Tunisian intifada

Views:703 | Posted on January 21, 2011

Events in Tunisia are of far greater import for West Asia,and the Arab world in particular,than the immediate fact of a peoples revolt forcing a head of state out of power.For one,it is a rare example.. Read full story

Sans pragmatism

Views:558 | Posted on January 21, 2011

The report of the Malegam Committee set up by the RBI to look into the problems of microfinance institutions (MFIs) disappoints.One recommendation seeks to make at least the bigger MFIs more robustly .. Read full story

Cat o' nine tales

Views:808 | Posted on January 20, 2011

People may think it is merely a kerfuffle over a kitty but it could well be a devious ploy by that Napoleon of Crime so adeptly identified by T S Eliot. English literature students know that Macavi.. Read full story

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