Turning around a bad day at work

Posted on May 2, 2010 | Author: Stephanie Goddard | View 397

Admit your mistakes: This doesnt mean you walk out into the corridor,stop the first person you see,and start confessing everything youve done wrong since starting with your employer.One of the most effective ways to alleviate the burden of guilt and worry that a mistake can bring,is to just own up to it.Count your blessings: Trite and true.The reason this advice has been around so long is that it works.Stop gossiping: Ouch! This one is going to hurt a little,but the payoff is big.When you gossip,you are telling the person you will do the same thing to him/her when he/she is not present.It really adds up to appearing (and being ) untrustworthy.Dress for success: This is a different take on another reliable piece of classic business information.If you are wearing things to work that make you feel fat,old,frumpy,or just uncomfortable,you are unwittingly causing yourself a bad day at work.
The workplace is just the schoolyard for adults.There will always be the Bully,the Nerd,and the Show-Off.Maybe more importantly,there will also be the New Kid,the Scaredy Cat,and the Valedictorian.To turn around your bad day,get to know these last three kids in your department.The first two (New Kid,Scaredy Cat) will make you feel really great for helping out a frightened kid in a big persons body;the Valedictorian is your second chance to get some great tutoring (mentoring ) from the co-worker who really seems to be climbing the career ladder (especially if your ladder seems to be propped up against the wrong wall!).

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