Agarwal's advice to startups

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Life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it .

artical Picture Which entrepreneur do you take inspiration from? 

OP Jindal has been my role model & mentor 

An entrepreneur to you is. 
A person who has the capacity to accept a challenge and get a positive result 

Your favourite business mantra.
Learn from your mistakes but make sure that you do not repeat them 

The event during your startup days which inspired you to keep going. 
Our first client in 1987 threw us out of her premises but then understood our situation & taught us the art of packing 

Turning point of your career. 
White good players such as Samsung & LG were loosing 25% of their inventory because of breakage in 1994-95. They called us to do their packaging and we managed to reduce that to 2% 

The most daring decision you took in your career. 
My decision to quit the Air Force in 1987 and do something innovative in the transport and logistics business 
Agarwal's advice to startups 
When you start a business, spend most time on it. Be passionate about what you do. Choose your path first. Luck comes later. Have a strong & positive attitude. Select good people & find leaders among them

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