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Where Is Modi's Cue?

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi is unlikely to share this view, but his initial tweet on Shashi Tharoor is well poised to go down in history as the beginning of the clean-up Indian cricket badly requires.

Neither the call raised in Parliament to nationalise the cricket league nor the one to ban it makes sense. What such exhortations show is the sense of betrayal that cricket lovers feel over the illicit personal enrichment, or an attempt thereof, that has been made out of their passion for the game.

Indians deserve better. They deserve good, clean fun when it comes to organised, professional sport. IPL represents the first attempt at creating a commercial sporting event on a large scale in India. It has met with wild success, as far as entertaining viewers, discovering new talent and rewarding players are concerned.

It has also met with equally stunning failure, when it comes to keeping sleaze out of organised sport. The present investigations into IPL franchises lifting the corporate veil to find out who exactly has been making money from Indian cricket should begin the cleansing the sport requires.

Mr Tharoor can count himself a martyr to the cause. Mr Modi, too, is well placed to lay claim to similar martyrdom in due course.

A public scandalised at the brazen manner in which the former minister lobbied for a financial transaction that benefited his associate and the imperious manner in which Mr Modi has used the cricket league to enrich himself and his close associates might balk at ‘martyr' as a description for either protagonist.

But without their googlies and sixers, the investigation would never have acquired momentum. Only political skulduggery can now block the probe all the way to those who supervise the IPL in the Board for Control of Cricket in India and allowed IPL to go the way it has.
Mr Tharoor has reason to feel aggrieved. Compared to the achievements of some ministerial colleagues, his IPL feat is a misdemeanour. As of now, his exit reflects political expedience rather than principle. But brilliant outsiders, he must learn, cannot be effective if they show traits of the system they proudly hold in contempt.

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  • iam very much agree the wohle IPL shoul go through a thorough enquire

    Posted by imran , corespondent at Thenewsbond.com | 31 May, 2010

  • yes. nairsab is correct . let a thorough inquiry would bring all deals so as to keep the spirit of the game, ipl, bcci and

    Posted by D.Bakthavatchalu | 28 Apr, 2010

  • Why only IPL , what about all the sponsorships & events under the BCCI earlier , be it the sponsorship of cricket by Realiance, ITC, etc etc were this also somehow behind the scene deals wherein officials made money through corrupt practices in the name of brand promotions.
    Let a probe be ordered not only on IPL but also on BCCI by a independent body so that a through clean up can be done in the administration and finances of cricket for the well being of the game and its creditbility

    Posted by nairsab | 27 Apr, 2010

  • Sir, now modi has to reveal everything and there is no other go for him. people are watching his movements.
    it is good on his part as cricket is widely sponsored and liked sport event. he should take it as sportively as possible
    and come out with details of muddlings ., which will put him on high spirits.

    Posted by D.Bakthavatchalu | 26 Apr, 2010

  • Sir,if modi is genuine and got patriotic mind let him explain the whole things to public. Where is Indian Economy and how it grows?

    Posted by Shantha | 26 Apr, 2010

  • Sir, if modi is right in his way, he should reveal the things and deny the reports in such a way whole thing would be
    known to public, as they wanted it early.

    Posted by D.Bakthavatchalu | 25 Apr, 2010

  • Sir, i do agree with mr chandras, sr project manager at dlps . govt should work out a strategy to unearth huge hidden
    wealth with these sources.,deligently so that we can get more& more things.

    Posted by D.Bakthavatchalu | 25 Apr, 2010

  • IPL Cricket Mela has become a big Eye opener to every Citizen of India. It was only after the Finance Ministry announced in the Parliament to check all the Money flow, all the Members of IPL-Governing Council have been silenced, except Mr.Lalit Modi. All the big investors, who have avoided paying their Taxes are only playing the Game of Cricket, like playing in a Casino.

    It is Time that Govt. of India should should continue the Income-Tax raids on many Money Londering agencies and individuals, including that of Politicians. But all said and done, Moment the cases are lodged against the agencies and individuals, everything go to sleeping bed, as these cases will take a very Long Long Time to be investigated and proved and punishment is only in the Book of Thoughts. ...See More

    Posted by chnadras , Sr.Project Manager at DLPS | 25 Apr, 2010

  • Lalit Modi only gave an accelerator to teh T 20 format through IPL. Hidden in its intricate operational matrix woven cleverly and cunningnly by the IPL mandarins with some the BCCI toeing Modi's line without a question and shrgging off any responsiblity now is only like being Chameleon. BCCI should equally own up its failure to check the Czar Modi, a responsibility vested equally with the IPL Governing Council stacked with membes such as players of eminence like Pataudi, Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri etc. Failure is total. It is like the Indian Politics being fed with occassional opium of financial liberalism which helps the middle classs entertain itsself with indulgence in creature comoforts, including the escapade like IPL razzamatazz. While the intoxication blurred the followers of the ...See More

    Posted by Varadarajan V.K. , Deputy Editor at The Hindu Business Line | 25 Apr, 2010

  • we do not need to defend scam makers. no matter who The whole thing will ultimately prove to be plateform for all sorts of Muky financial Deals!

    Posted by Alok Misra | 24 Apr, 2010

  • Sir, it has become unending story and day by day more information is coming out. now tax dept has found
    some incriminating documents pertaining to tds dodging. so a thorough inquiry would be the best one .General
    public also do not know the murky dealings which took place within their dealings.

    Posted by D.Bakthavatchalu | 22 Apr, 2010

  • Yes you have a point while saying that brillliant outsiders should not copy the very traits of the system they want to modify. Basically IPL is a symbol of what private initiative could achieve in the liberalized economic atmosphere in India. IPL is the clear message that " you can succeed if you believe that you can succeed". This is what is required in India to create prosperity at hundred percent population level. Perhaps Shashi Tharoor has liked the visible success of IPL which appeared to be an excellent example of the aspiration of human spirit to succeed and be successful in life. Here we must distinguish between the creator of IPL and the created IPL as a sports venture of enormous economic and cultural success. Lalit Modi's greed and lack of business ethics are his personal ...See More

    Posted by George Varuggheese,President at Godimages Good Governance Society|22 Apr, 2010

  • What a way to Go in Dirty Cricket Mela of IPL. One wonders as who? is Controlling IPL. As a matter of fact Why? Mr.Tharoor made himself very Cheap, in the name of Promoting Kerala Cricket. we donot see any Kerala Players!!!!!!
    Why? BCCI become so very weak infront of Mr.Modi.....?!

    Now it Looks entire idea of IPL should be dumped in a waste basket and No any Franchise Bussiness in Cricket.
    All Cricket Matches should be under one banner ie: BCCI, who should have Full time Governing Council Members.
    I hope my view will be endorsed.

    Posted by chandras , Sr.Project Manager at DLPS | 22 Apr, 2010

  • Yes, the sleaze factor is an added insult to the already nonexistent transparency in our system of functionoing!.

    Posted by Dr. Archana Zutshi , Sr. Lecturer at SMS Inst. of Tech | 22 Apr, 2010

  • Yes It is right time to exit shashi tharur and find out others who involve in IPL matter.

    Posted by ayaz khan , Professor at DR.BAC College | 21 Apr, 2010

  • for ur inf i was selected as gm-games organization for bcci in 2006,my final interview was with mr sharad pawar, i gave d similar concept of ipl to him, i still dont know why i was not given d employment in bcci

    Posted by T D Joseph , Director at Media City | 21 Apr, 2010

  • I think IPL is not cricket but its pure business, that’s why all the business tycoons, bollywood and many politicians are involved up to their neck. Shashi Tharoor and Modi are just small pawns in the hand of big manipulator and nobody can find out who!!!! Everybody is crazy about fame, glamour and money in short time. Players are putting everything into the game boz they are going to get millions of dollars after the game. Huge amount of money is involved if 5% of this money is given to our national game Hockey I am sure they would be world cup winner one day. It’s really a pity state of matter.

    Posted by Sandeep Sharma | 21 Apr, 2010

  • Yes, this should help clean up the system . The political class thinks its more the IPL than personalities that is important. Even incremental improvement in accountability and transparency will give people a peep into a form of contemporary global business antd investment and to that extent.Ibenefit Indian public life . Indian cricket itself could be rescued from overweaning commercialization. It will be interesting to see what shape the IPL takes after the \"cleansing\".

    Posted by Uttam Sen | 21 Apr, 2010

  • tharoor is a gentleman, unlike modi IMHO :)

    Posted by Jay Mahal , Business Head at www.GIBO.in | 21 Apr, 2010

  • Gentlemen like shashi tharoor is not fit for the so called gentlemen game cricket. As far as lalit modi is concerend he is betraying at all stages. No doubt modi has innovated the real entertainment funda with the mixture of cricket and bollywood. IPL will be benifited for 200-300 fresh cricketers. handfull of people like lalit modi. Some stars like shahrukh and shilpa shetty. Overall the people like Ambani and malaya got new buisness to roll there money wihich they didnt want to pay in form of tax. gentlemen like tharoor is just a bali ke bakra in indian political system. The personality like tharoor is need of the hour in indian politics. Many senior politician might be of the view that if a leader like tharoor arises in politics, then he might go a long way. Many senior congress ...See More

    Posted by sanjay tiwari , news editor at Navabharat.Nagpur | 21 Apr, 2010

  • I find it very hurting when so much we can do it together. IPL has been one of the greatest game so far been in the history
    of world cricket. A gentleman like Mr Tharoor has to go through this kind of humiliation. Soumen.

    Posted by soumen banerjee , Consultant at ssp | 20 Apr, 2010

  • Mr. Tharoor would certainly a victim of inexperience in Indian Politics, and perhaps he may deserve to be a martyr in IPL episode. However Mr. Modi with his autocratic functioning style and taking on the Government of India be it for security for the second IPL season and now on Tharoor, points to a certain agenda behind it. The truth will prevail only after thorogh investigation. But we the public deserve the investigation report be made public instead of sweeping under the carpet in view of the exigencies of the situation for the government. Hope Tharoor would come clearn after the investigations. Best of Luck to him. Mean while it would be worthwhile if he concentrate on matters which needs to addressed to his constituence and State, and tries his hands in participating in all party ...See More

    Posted by Suressh Natarajan,Vice President at Valasha Merchandising Consortium|20 Apr, 2010

  • Mr taroor is political novice and do not know how to adjust with the situation. more over he is an honest man, and
    did not cook up things for his own betterment. ultimately he has to bow down.it is secondary whether he is involved
    in the so called episode or not. all the things would come to light when the inquiry unravels this. Everyman has got
    ...See More

    Posted by D.Bakthavatchalu | 20 Apr, 2010

  • Mr Taroor does not know how to play the cricket behind the screen.That is why he resigned. Modi Has started to throw dirt around. As a result , the world realize that he is a bag of dirt.I do not think Lalit Modi is necessary is to the well grown Indian Cricket.With its huge population, India becomes the number one market of the cricket in last ten years.Eventhough Indian government is getting huge revenue from the taxes, It is necessary to check the money transactions as well.I Do not understand why the goverment do not take action on modi.He is a corrupted individual according to the reports that he has a private jet,and other illegal assets.I strongly recommend that either ask the resignation or fire modi as soon as possible.

    Posted by Munic Bhaskar | 20 Apr, 2010

  • it once again proved honest & efficient people has to suffer.if he would have like many corrupt politicians he had no worry.This is India 2010.

    Posted by arijit ghosh | 20 Apr, 2010


    Posted by Sapana Sharma , Team Sales Manager at Info Network Management Co Pvt Ltd | 20 Apr, 2010

  • In India, everything is politicized. In spite of having one billion population, we are yet to produce a single excellent sportsperson in Olympics. It is all because of heavy politicization of sports. There is no dearth of excellent sports persons in this country, but they are not selected. Yet we look at Cricket as one discipline respected by one and all. This is also badly spoiled. Mr Tharoor\'s resignation will not help saving the fallen image of this great sport. Why Modi should meet Sarad Pawar to decide his fate. Why can\'t do it on his own. The whole episode has clearly shown that political bosses are remote-controlling this great game. This will go on, guys. I am sorry to say this. Unless, politicians keep away from sports activities, this will remain the same, if not worse.

    Posted by Oken Jeet Sandham | 20 Apr, 2010

  • The feeling of guilt is enough to haunt the vicious. Sometimes the end of the game is so ghastly that all players are annihilated and confined to history.
    May god be with the benevolent and philonthrophic Indian public.

    Posted by Raghavan Sriramachary,Consultant at DSM Soft (P) Ltd|20 Apr, 2010

  • Is it ever going to be possible to guarantee \"good, clean fun\" when there are so many billions involved? That is probably the caveat when it comes to hosting any sporting tourney that involves such sports events year-on-year...Shashi Tharoor was probably martyred for no rhyme or reason that will ever come to light....yes, there is definitely corruption in high places - yes, there are more kings and commoners involved in the murky IPL fiasco. But no, in the final analysis, it is never going to be possible to completely clean up such franchises, where money is might, and might definitely is right! Who after all, are we kidding? The \"gentlemen\'s sport\" has long been sullied with match-fixing scandals and tainted players, and has deteriorated into a mafia game. Unfortunate that someone ...See More

    Posted by ANUPAMA VARMA CHAND | 20 Apr, 2010

  • IPL is a complete showbiz and money making event which has glamorised cricket! I don't one person who actually watches the matches with serious sports interest! When you discuss and IPL match one always seems to talk about who was there and the politics behind the match as apposed to discussing the actual sport and the players capabilties and how they played etc. Sad!
    ...See More

    Posted by Reema Sarin,OWNER at BollyFit|20 Apr, 2010

  • I will not comment on sports politics but as a cricket lover I must comment that IPL is only for business, PPL are making money and harassing cricketers. They all are international representative, Their International performance should shine like diamond. If we will use them as a labor, may be in future would not find good cricketers. First IPL after that T20, then new series, after that world cup. They all r cricketers not \"Kolhu ka bell\". We want to see good cricket with good cricketers.

    Posted by Vaishvi | 20 Apr, 2010

  • Tharoor being a new entry into indian politics was probably misguided into the IPL territory by his friends & associates,
    He probably did not realise that IPL was a muck which was a gambling den of some vested senior corupt politicians of the North & West Indian states for the sake of laundering their black money behind a Modi.
    Poor Tharoor his love for Kerala and his hurriedness in doing something for his state made him blind to the "CHAKRA VIYUHA " which was waoubkeiting for him in the guise of Sanandha Pushkar who was probably a not so clean as Tharoor thought her to be , Hope now Tharoor will learn that in politics he should not believe even his friends.
    ...See More

    Posted by Ramesh Parakkat | 20 Apr, 2010

  • The way things are turning out in the Indian Premier League, it's truly shocking to all the true cricket lovers of the nation. I very earnestly appeal to the Indian Government to ban this high level corrupt IPL for ever.

    Posted by Raj Bardhan | 20 Apr, 2010

  • Who would not like to recommend someone? That is human nature. Can we name one public figure who has not recommended someone for a benefit. If there is no benefit accorded, I really doubt if someone can make it to be a public figure. The public makes him a public figure with a vested interest of getting themselves or the area developed. Babu Jagjivanram made a statement that he will remove poverty from India. But, poverty removed him as he hailed from a poor family. Shashi Tharoor comes from an elite family and represents an elite class of intellectuals. His charming personality, rich international experience and articulate nature would have certainly fetched feathers in our cap for India. He could have certainly played a key role in procuring a permanent place for India in the UN ...See More

    Posted by manoj varghese , Head-Media Advocacy at Media Centre | 20 Apr, 2010

  • As Pradeep Magazine said IPL is run by a guy who has a drug history, several court cases are also filed against him. What would anyone expect from such a man when big moolah is involved.

    The concept of IPL is good but the execution needs more transparent. Where is the need for IPL nights when the cricketers have already sweated it out on the field till 12? And what about hockey? It's death in the country is certain!

    Posted by inam ABIDI , GM at Agrinde Trading Co (LLC) | 20 Apr, 2010

  • "This was going to happen"
    As IPL was purely for Making Money & Gambling, Mr Modi is one of the small player but the main head is somebody else,
    and looser are lover of Cricket, as there expectation from the player is not there because the real player were playing from outside the ground . As today people are loosing the cham for cricket. Thank

    Posted by Paresh Prajapati,Creative Head & Account Executive at Dheer Advertising|20 Apr, 2010

  • Wish the observtion on `clean up' comes true. As the text down the line also indicates about possibility of probe taking its logical conclusion to unearh the truth for a saner, transparnet system in IPL( because of the asumed political skulduggery thwarting the probe at some stage), one has to keep one's fingers crossed. Yes, Tharoor more than Modi has become a martyr leading to the cuase of cleansing the IPl-BCCI or in short crcketing system.
    Sleaze and self aggrandisement apart, IPL has ironically thrown up some salient features: It has expanded the following base for cricket, across the age groups; it has thrown up opportunities for those lesser heros in Ranji and other first class cricket to outshine even some of the legends and Icons throuhg IPL.Their poor socio-economic ...See More

    Posted by Varadarajan Krishnamurhty,Deoutry Editor at The Hindu Group of Publications|20 Apr, 2010

  • Dear Readers now a days IPL has betrayed the cricket lovers and used sport to for its own gain and hence forever changing the face of cricket?

    Posted by arzaprasad | 20 Apr, 2010

  • It was like the pot calling the kettle black...one needs to admire Lalit Modi's brazen hustling... Tharoor was the sacrificial goat... At least some good came out of all this...Modi's wrong doings came to the fore...his duplicity is more damaging since he was entrusted with such a glorious role. Lalit Modi must be punished if found guilty.

    Posted by Shradha Kaul | 20 Apr, 2010

  • I think this only money games. it not a cricket. it only business. and they play with the india heart. please don\'t make our player for looser. if they play against for each other. thus they never play again getogether.

    Posted by Ranjeet singh , Graphic Designer at Aryan Graphics | 20 Apr, 2010

  • Good Afternoon.
    I thank for giving me a chance to pen down few lines on the subject issue.
    Well, I would say Mr.Modi undoubtedly has created and marketed a product par excellence in Indian Premier League {IPL}.
    But somewhere along the way the focus has altogether shifted from the lovely game of Cricket towards the commercial aspect.
    The political system has created and nurtured monsters.
    Majority of Congress leaders are corrupt and immoral.
    Now all the party people are after Mr.Lalit Modi.
    God Save this country.

    Very Best.
    Ashwannie Baakshi.

    Posted by ASHWANNIE BAAKSHI , ABH - South at Jagran Solutions | 20 Apr, 2010

  • The way the matter has been handled is absolutely ridiculous. Mr Modi insisted he tweeted regarding the matter in the first place simply because he felt the public needed to know. That was absolutely unnecessary and was done to create issues for Mr Tharoor and the concerned people who were bidding for the Kochi team.
    Talks of nationalizing IPL is one of the stupidest things I\'ve heard ! Suddenly everyone in the parliament is a saint !! The likes of Laloo Prasad Yadav are talking about how much black money is involved in the IPL. I mean come on !! The public is not blind, deaf and dumb, give us some credit !
    As far as Mr Tharoor goes, I guess he speaks his mind and that is clearly not alright for an indian politician to do. Why not ?!!
    ...See More

    Posted by Nitika Seth , Asst Fashion Editor at Grazia | 20 Apr, 2010

  • yes i think cricket has become a battlefield for lots of whos &who and thats a shame on the said sport!Sport is a sport and it should remaine a sport!

    Posted by sadhana aadisansh singh , CEO at Vision International Pvt Ltd | 20 Apr, 2010

  • Its only Indian Paisa League.
    There is nothing like cricket or any sanity of the game left its only "Extreme greed" of All kind.
    Hope the people of India will understand it better.

    Posted by Prabhakar Shukla , Director - Motion Picture at Lemon N Yellow Productions | 20 Apr, 2010

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