With the Windsors

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After the royal cake makes the cut, India presents a sweet opportunity.

Fiona Cairns bagging the order for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cake should not surprise anyone. Especially in light of the fact that it was Kishore Patel, the Gujarati husband of this British baker, who sniffed business potential in her miniature confections. His interest in expanding the business to India may also be as epiphanic as his initial encouragement to his wife to make a business out of her hobby of creating sweet delights for family and friends.

Increasingly, traditional confections exchanged during Indian festivities — and that, today, would cover anything from religious occasions to cricket victories — are being crowded out by newcomers. Chocolates have supplanted nuts and dry fruits as surely as exotic imported fruits have nudged out d e s iones, and traditional sweetmeats are being given a run for their sugar from brownies and jujubes to macaroons and cookies. And Mr Patel would know that big Indian weddings, by their very nature, are very susceptible to anything over the top.

A multi-tiered ‘royal’ cake could be just what our wildly extravagant weddings have been missing all this while. Best of all, the average Indian parent, unlike the housewifely head of the House of Windsor, would never think about skimping on the butter and raisins for the big day simply due to budgetary constraints.

Indeed, the current atmosphere of East-West cultural give-andtake could prove doubly beneficial for this Gujarati-British duo. While their wedding and Christmas cakes could find new custom in a globalising India, a range of India-inspired Diwali, Dussehra, Holi and Eid cakes from Fiona Cairns could find their way into politically-correct festivities on Downing Street after their more traditional confection for the royals makes the cut on April 29!

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  • Though its tune of globalization, yet there is mark difference in west & east countries. In cultural or festival point of view there is need to streamline the issues.

    Posted by PROJJAL SAHA,Regional Manager at IFMR - Centre For Micro Finance|11 Feb, 2012

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