Enlightenment is a limited liability

Posted on December 14, 2010 | Author: Mukul Sharma | View 638

The camera of our senses that clicks on reality has been criticised by many for being too limited in scope.


In many ways this may be true because the five elemental apparatuses of vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell that we've been able to develop till now are perhaps not enough to convey the total significance of all that's really there to appreciate and understand fully.


But do we need an enlightened mind to tell us this? If we look around at the life that surrounds us we can see that they can 'see' things which human minds can never hope to comprehend at any imaging level except only academically.


Pigeons, for instance, perceive the world differently.


They have in their beaks small particles of magnetite that enable them to sense the Earth's magnetic fields which we can't do.


Thus homing pigeons can touch base from wherever they're taken.


Turtles and rainbow trout also use similar systems. Bees can see ultraviolet light that's reflected by red flowers.


They also see polarised light which in a blue sky forms a distinctive pattern around the sun so that even when it's is hidden behind clouds they can discern its presence.


And that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Bats, whales and dolphins have the ability to determine orientation to other objects through interpretation of reflected sound, or what our technology calls sonar; flies and butterflies have flavour organs on their feet, allowing them to taste anything they land on; several species of fish, sharks and rays have the capacity to recognise changes in electric fields in their immediate vicinity; the pit viper can detect infrared radiation while other snakes feel molecules with their tongues.


And the tuatara it has a third eye on the top of its head that can determine differences in day and night cycles.


So, already on just a single planet, we have so many cameras processing the same external reality impinging on them that it hardly matters none of us manage to comprehend the complete picture of what really is out there except through an associational interpretation done by what exists in here inside the head.


Is this the same head which is our limitation? No.


Because, together, if we multiply that many million times by the multiverse of life that might otherwise also exist, we begin to not only approximate the big picture but actually get into it.


The fact that we can do this is often enlightenment enough.

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