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Posted on November 21, 2010 | Author: Shauna Arthurs | View 510

With so many people running around busier than ever,it sometimes seems impossible to keep up with all the tasks required to live a balanced life perform well at your job,keep your home clean,shop for food and eat well,exercise and keep healthy,and possibly take care of children and/or parents.
Is it any wonder depression and anxiety are rampant The good news is,more and more people are beginning to question the rat race they are in and opt for simpler,more feasible solutions....
While we cannot always achieve perfect balance in our lives and perhaps should not even try,we can ensure that what we focus on and fill our days with brings us joy in the present,and moves us toward the future we choose.
Some keys to help with this in your own life include: Learning to say no: Requests often seem to fly at us from every direction,both from work and personal situations.
It can be especially difficult to say no to friends and family,when we feel guilty at the thought of letting them down.
However,if you do not have the energy to do what is asked of you or if you will resent it,then it will end up draining you further 0 you will be in no condition to make anyone happy,least of all yourself.
Learning to say yes: This is not the opposite of the point above.
Instead,it means opening up to change and to new experiences.
To be happy we need to do things and live in a way that allows us to fulfil our dreams now,and this usually means replacing our habits of boredom and sameness.Try a few yeses and see what happens!

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