Self Matters

Posted on November 19, 2010 | Author: Phillip McGraw | View 890

The control I'm talking about is a control that comes from reconnecting with what I call your authentic self.


In order to understand what I mean by your authentic self, you need only think back to the times in your life when you have been your best.


I'm talking about the absolute happiest time in your life: the most fulfilled and especially the most real you have ever been.


Think back to the you at the heart of those moments.


In those moments, your life flowed with an energy and an excitement.


At the same time, you may have felt a quiet calm within.


You may have been at work, but work was play.


You probably felt as if you were exactly where you were supposed to be, doing just what you were meant to do, and with exactly the right people.


You had an unshakeable understanding of your own worth.


You trusted yourself. You were having fun, and you didn't care what others thought...


The result was a kind of bulletproofing from the judgments of others.


Because you felt so good about yourself, because you felt self-determined and in control, you couldn't care less what others thought about you.


It was you that mattered, not in a selfish way, but in a confident way.


Without judgment you were proud of yourself and walked with a sense of pride and self-assurance.


You weren't sure what the future would bring, but you were sure that you could handle it.


Self-acceptance was the foundation of the happiest time in your life and it was the engine that powered the train.

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