All change not good

Posted on September 26, 2010 | Author: Vithal C Nadkarni | View 520

SELF-HELP gurus tell the story of Max the tailor,who won a lottery after following a routine that hadnt changed for 45 years.Every morning hed put on his threadbare clothes and set off for his shop with a crumpled hat perched on his oily head.Along the way,hed stop at the synagogue to pray.After toiling all day long over his machine,he would come home to hand over his takings to his wife.

The only harmless little quirk he had was to pick up a single lottery ticket for a dollar every single day.One fine day,after a lifetime of misses,Max came up with the winner.He came home with a million bucks,which he dutifully handed over to his wife.Next morning,he put on his old worn clothes and got ready to go to work again.Thats when his wife stops him and urges him to undertake a total makeover.Go right ahead and enjoy yourself;get a fancy suit,a facial or a massage, she urges.You deserve it. 
Max does exactly what his wife says and blows up a wad to get himself fully transformed like Clark Kent turning into some Superman.No one could believe that it was the same old Max under all those shiny feathers.However,as he is about to cross the road with his shoulders stretched back and his chest puffed out,a car caroms down on him to flatten him like a shadow on the street! 

Because hes led such a pure life,Max rides the expressway to Gods Kingdom.As hes ushered in the presence of the Almighty,Max hesitantly asks: I have been such a good person all along for 45 years.Finally,I get a chance to be someone different and you take away everything! Why God scratches his beard in bafflement to respond: To tell you the truth,Max,I just couldnt recognise you. 

One moral of this fable for modern times is: not every change is necessarily good for you.
A more austere lesson is drawn by the likes of Augustine : The Lord teaches us by sorrow and wounds us only to heal and that affliction,far from being an enigmatic and harrowing anomaly,is the very assurance of Gods loving care for His creatures. Paul reiterates this in The Letter to the Romans: Suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope. The Dalai Lama echoes it too for our times: The person who experiences more hardships stands more firmly in the face of problems than one whos faced none.Seen from this angle,some suffering can be a good lesson for life!

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