Powers of the mind expand with relaxation

Posted on September 12, 2010 | Author: Aaron Murakami | View 511

Everybody knows it feels better to be relaxed than it does to feel tense.But how many of you know that there is a relationship between tension in the muscles and tension in the mind 

To better understand this,it is helpful to be familiar with the concept of Visual Motor Rehearsal.It is a mental exercise method that takes advantage of the fact that simply thinking about doing a particular exercise produces measurable electrical activity in the muscles in the same locations as if one were actually doing the physical movement! 

The brain and nervous system do not know the difference between doing the exercise mentally and doing the exercise physically.What's amazing about this is that the reverse is also true.By manipulating the muscles,the mind is influenced;relax the muscles and the mind relaxes.
Throughout life,our experiences and our perception of our experiences build up a catalog of habitual response... This process creates an unconscious autopilot mode of operating underneath our conscious,reasoning mind.Each thought,emotion,and perception has a corresponding physiological response that is registered in electrical activity in our muscles.

When we have experiences that we perceive as stressful,our muscles respond by contracting and creating tension.The body senses these efforts regardless of whether they are intentional and consciously created or totally unintentional and unconsciously produced from our autopilot mind.

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