Clint of Steel

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But He Aint No Bond or Superman

Its hard to imagine Clint Eastwood suavely telling someone that hed like a martini shaken,not stirred.Gritted teeth and narrowed eyes and a terse,Go ahead-..... make my vodka martini! would be more like it.Today,Daniel Craig as the new age 007 could possibly get by with such laconic lack of finesse but back in the day,what made the Broccolis look to Eastwood as a replacement for Sean Connery as James Bond is indeed a mystery.It is debatable whether Eastwood would have fared any better as the smooth-talking British spy than the one-movie wonder Aussie George Lazenby who was eventually chosen,but the cinematic world would have been much the poorer had that prevented him from becoming Dirty Harry.While his (lack of an English) accent would be a definite minus point,it would surely have been even more incongruous to see him flying around in blue bodysuits and red underwear,rescuing falling planes and catching megalomaniacal crooks.Good that Eastwood had the foresight to also turn down the role of Superman.The thought of him as a callow,bespectacled Clark Kent,stammering in front of his editor and pining silently for Lois Lane sits uneasily with images of Harry Callahan growling out,Do I feel lucky Well,do ya,punk 

It is telling that Eastwood,now 80 and still spitting out lines like Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldnt have messed with Thats me. (as Walt Kowalski in his 2008 movie,Gran Torino),took so long to come out with these revelations.He evidently has his own ideas on how to distinguish between the good,the bad and the ugly when it comes to roles.

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