The Leadership pipeline

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The six turns in the pipeline that we’ll discuss here are major events in the life of a leader. They represent significant passages that can’t be mastered in a day or by taking a course. Our goal here is to help you become familiar with the skills, time applications and work values demanded by each passage, as well as this particular leadership gestalt.

Once you grasp what these passages entail and the challenges involved in making each leadership transition, you’ll be in a better position to use this information to unclog your organisation’s leadership pipeline and facilitate your own growth as a leader.
Going through these passages helps leaders build emotional strength as they take on tasks of increasing complexity and scope. The following six chapters will provide you with ideas and tools to achieve full performance at all leadership levels in your organisation.

As you read about each passage, you’ll naturally apply it to your own organisation and may question how we’ve defined and divided each turn in the pipeline. The odds are that you’ll immediately think of at least one — and probably more — leadership transitions that apply to your own company that we have not addressed in the Leadership Pipeline model.
While there are other transitions, they are too small or incomplete to qualify as a major passage. For instance, many global companies have business general managers at the country level and regional executives with responsibility for several countries. The regional executives report to a person with a title such as global consumer products head.

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  • swiss bank desperately wants to disclose the names of account holders of who have deposited their money with them the total amount is close to (70 lac CRORES 70,00000,00000000 SEVEN WITH 14 ZEROS No decimals)
    but still waiting (Hoping) for Indian government's permission ! I am sure all of you must have read it in the newspaper last week well, may I request you ,all of you,to put up at least one question out of the several questions that came in your mind on reading this article ( account holders may also ask without any hesitation)Yes I am serious this is going to be the very first step towards strenghting our nation This is an open debate and I would like you to participate every time when you open your mail you will find something very interesting and surprising to ...See More

    Posted by ashok sehgal , president at GMECG | 24 Aug, 2010

  • surinder pal singh malhotra -ji, I thought India has too many leaders and almost every person wants to lead the Nation for the leaders' own benefit. Those who have competence to lead and prepared to sacrifice self interest are few in India. So long as the common people do not find interest in them, how can they come up and lead. Indian society enjoys the entertainment and repression provided by the so many leaders who promote them as leaders on the basis of how much they or their parents can be linked to the Freedom Struggle against the British, of how ong they lead students' or trade union movements, their ability to compose poems, their success as Film Stars or Cricketors or Sportsperson, how long they served as bureaucrats, how mch vocabulary they have developed to give speeches, how ...See More

    Posted by Basudeb Sen | 20 Aug, 2010

  • Presently there are NO LEADERS in India.All you can see is bunch of laloos and Yadavs,Mamatas and Modis.The real people are not able to come up.There are just 500 families that are controlling the destiny of this BILLION PLUS mouths.All are getting their money out from far off places and building malls,acqiring more and more land at throw away prices and then building their empires.People likeLaoo after having EATEN all the CHARA of Buffaloes is fighting for more salary as MP.Ask him what does he do?? for asking this hike and you will get a very good reply---Hum yahaan par roz aata hoon aur Dilli mein aaram se kaam karta hoon.Wahan NITISH ko hatane ki poorie koshish zari hai!!!!Our COUNTRY people seem to have resigned to their fates.Wherever,I go for giving lectures on Motivation and ...See More

    Posted by surinder pal singh malhotra | 20 Aug, 2010

  • India is a leaderless country. We should ask our universities to introduce courses for preparation of political lleaders and then time shall come when people with these qualifications shall be standing in elections. For the time being, if we need competent people, we should introduce shadow cabinet system befrore the elections. That is the only outway when we can get competent people to guide the bureaucracy. When politcians are guided by the bureaucracy, it does not remain democracy but becomes bureaucracy and not democracy. Incompetent people have already converted our democdracy into bureaucracy.

    Posted by dalip singh wasan , advocate. at writer. | 20 Aug, 2010

  • I agree with the essential and desirable qualities and attributes as enumerated in Mr. ashok sehgal's two posts. But I would like to add that the first and foremost requirement for a leader is absolute honesty, love for the paeople whom he leads, humility and willingness to sacrifice personal interest at the alter of the interest of the people whom he leads and the organization he serves.

    Posted by Basudeb Sen | 19 Aug, 2010

  • Leader must be -

    • Educated , well read
    • Intelligent
    • Good listener
    • Soft spoken but firm
    • Aware of body language
    • Disciplined
    • Focused
    • Aggressive, Initiative Swift in action,
    • Witty
    • Possessing Sharp memory
    • Good administrator
    • practical Positive approach
    • Having Control over his senses

    Posted by ashok sehgal , president at gmecg | 19 Aug, 2010

  • Leader – definition of leader among intellectuals perhaps different from the picture common man has in his mind and that is“ representative of group of people “ ( Neta)
    To me Leader is always a team leader or an officer in command who is sharp enough to anticipate consequences, and capable of delegating work to his team members, has the power of making decisions independently, his strategy is like a convex lens that he holds in his hand firmly and make the team members look at the focal point ( goal )through it .Now if any member/s complain about not been able to see the object clearly he shift them from their existing position to comfortable position, but he does not over rule the possibility of lens getting dirtier which he knows he can clean it with a soft tissue and ...See More

    Posted by ashok sehgal , president at gmecg | 19 Aug, 2010

  • There are enough materials on Leadership, honestly few qualities to be come a leader is inborn, the materials, skills, can only help you sharpen them. Leaders first quality is to visualize the entire path and hurdles that can stop, and have strategic thinking to overcome, not loosing control and strenght should keep moving forward, there might me stances were he/she will have move alone - the most testing period - should be ready for this as well. Being a leader is a feel that cannot be expressed in words. And Yes I would and am a leader in my own way :)

    Posted by Venkatesh Kola,Group General Manager at Bharti Learning Systems Limited|14 Aug, 2010

  • Leadership in Corporates only revolves around giving growth to the Company,AT ANY COST!!.All the bigwigs who think they are leaders are nothing else but opportunists.They have calculated their ways very well.I have worked in four Corporates and have seen this thing very very closely.People who are either from their very close relations or who share their secrets or who make money for them are put on the highest positions.Their job is to cut down the resistance at the lower levels,keep the salaries at the lowest possible level and only get the coterie rewarded.True leaders are difficult to get.The Individual who can get the Contracts through by any possible means is applauded and clapped and is shown to the Company as Deal Maker.The result is there for all of us to see.The Commonwealth ...See More

    Posted by COL SPS MALHOTRA | 12 Aug, 2010

  • A good leader in my view is a person who by virtue of his thoughts and actions displays his sincerity and clarity of thoughts to all those whom he has contact with. He does not need to lecture his co-workers on leadership to make himself be observed as a good leader, but his actions should speak louder than any words and if he is fair in his dealings with all, displays genuine concern and care for his staff and visibly displays calm, composed and pleasant mannerisms, he will soon earn the trust of all persons, who will then realize that he is approachable and can be relied upon and sought after for all advise and support even in personal or official situations. Only if such a leader is liked and sought after by his seniors, peers and subordinates should a person feel that now he is ...See More

    Posted by Col Afraz Sohrab Patel , Senior Manager Human Resources at Rashmi Fashion Bags | 12 Aug, 2010

  • Any responsibility whether small or big should be taken as the opportunity given to us by the society to serve her. The person working with this perspective will become leader of his own,however a good leader also needs to be trained with professional skills for achieving more and more success. In this context the article should be read.

    Posted by arvindkontamwar , Retired chief general manager at MSPGCL | 12 Aug, 2010

  • Leadership, like charity, begins at home. Without being the head of the family, a person can become a leader at home from a very young age. Then, at the school and sports, cultural clubs and associations. When a bus falls into an accident, leaders emerge from among the employees or passers-by for rescue and relief work. Political parties have successive layers of leaders. Corporates are a small part of the society.. Leaders are of various grades and qualities and succeed in one or more fields. Leadership, like many other things, cannot be taught but only lectured upon. Leaders learn to grow as leaders on their own acuring values, knowledge, skills along the way by keen observation and assimilation.

    Posted by Basudeb Sen,Independent Director at South Asian Petrochem Ltd|11 Aug, 2010

  • What inspires followers? Only Noble causes. So, if a leader wishes to inspire his followers he must incorporate some NOBLE CAUSES in his goals, visions, missions and objectives with 100% sincerity. Noble causes inspire people.
    Apart from stating NOBLE CAUSES in their Vision & Mission Statements, they must exhibit their sincerity in ensuring such noble causes are achieved. Conviction towards noble causes, commitment to achieve them and passion from the heart should be clearly visible.
    Nowadays, people talk on Motivation rather than Inspiration. Motivating followers is basically identifying the 'needs and wants' of followers and help them fulfil their goals through contribution to organization. In this both the followers and the Management have selfish goals. But there is ...See More

    Posted by Srinivasan Athmanathan,Consultant Trainining & Development at Self Employed|11 Aug, 2010

  • Let leaders of industry make sincere attempts to build a few noble / social causes in their visions, missions, goals and objectives. Simple Commercial goals of annual turnover and profitability will only motivate (not inspire) shareholders alone. Stand alone commercial goals betrays organization's selfishness only. Leaders should think big and ensure commerce goes hand in hand with noble goals. Can you remember how the great JRD Tata and Jamshetji are responsible for the formation of IISc, TISS, Tata Cancer Institue and many more institutions? They are the epitome of social concern of the noble leaders like JRD Tata.

    Posted by Srinivasan Athmanathan,Consultant Trainining & Development at Self Employed|11 Aug, 2010

  • we should read all six chapters, understand, internalize and get insight of what Mr. Ram Charan says. Any comment without full understanding of Mr. Ram charan's article will be immature. However, I would like to share my ideas. I would be happy if Mr. Ram Charan can correct. Leaders' goals and vision should have a component of a 'CAUSE'. A cause has some nobility and social concern. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Therasa and to-day's Narayana Murthy all have a 'Cause' as a component of their goals and visions. If cause is not there, even for a commercial organization, the goals & vision have 'selfishnes' component. Only a noble / social cause can inspire followers. Otherwise, motivation technique of 'fulfilling' needs & wants of followers will not take a long way, because there is no end for our ...See More

    Posted by Srinivasan Athmanathan,Consultant Trainining & Development at Self Employed|11 Aug, 2010

  • Time has come when we should ask our universities to star courses to prepare politicians because in democracies, we are governed by the politicians and they must be having proper education, proper training and proper intelligence so that they could supervise working of the bureaucracy who is fully trained and since we could not give proper politicians to govern, we are turning our democracy into a bureaucracy.

    Posted by dalip singh wasan , advocate at writer. | 11 Aug, 2010

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