An endearing new world

Posted on July 17, 2010 | Author: K VIJAYARAGHAVAN | View 387

In the process of wandering between two worlds,one dead,the other powerless to be born,the persistent seeker could perhaps finally find to his delight that his true world has been empowered to be born to real life.He would thus be enabled to live the life of his dreams and aspirations.He would also know then that he has arrived.

However,in many cases,this fulfilment may prove to be short-lived.On account of various factors and pressures within and without,even earnest seekers could often slip back,landing themselves back almost to square one.
Vacillation,temptation and lack of clarity are,thus,often the enemies and impediments to true and sustained progress.The Bible (James I: 6 and 7) notes,he that wavereth is like a wave of sea driven with the wind and tossed a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.James Allen writes thus of one who is truly firm and resolved,Temptation does not find him unprepared,and it assails in vain the strong citadel of his mind.Abiding in virtue,he abides in strength and peace.

This is that strength and peace that enables one to realise his true self: becoming a sthithaprajnaor samhitah,as conceived of by Bhagawad Gita [II: 55 and VI: 7].This dheera,would,in the manner conceived of by the ancient poet Bartruhari,not waver from the right path,even if faced with severe provocations or temptations as noted by the poet,even if death were to occur now itself.
Progress towards ones cherished world of goodness,meaning and effectiveness thus involves not merely arduous preparation but also clarity in priorities and obtaining the needed balance,poise,integrity and foresight to become stabilised in ones noble and cherished acquisitions.This intelligent and farsighted seeker would,thus,have conceived of all possible ways by which various factors could influence or retard him,taking into account situations,relationships and all factors that are particular and peculiar to himself.He would,thus,be prepared to meet these and also to make the needed sacrifices in his spiritual quest.

Indeed,to be forewarned in this manner is also to be forearmed to deal with doubts,distractions,temptations and cynicism.
The new and fulfilling world that had beckoned all along would,in this manner,prove to be not merely endearing but also enduring!

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