Have a love affair with yourself

Posted on May 3, 2010 | Author: K Vijayaraghavan | View 575

The Bible observes (Mathew: 4,4), “Man shall not live by bread alone”. Any attainments, possessions, status or pomp would be of no avail unless strength of character and the spirit within are also available to channel, utilise and savour these well.

The seven ‘success' traits and the seven ‘failure' traits enumerated by Dr Maxwell Maltz have thus to be understood for enhancing the former and diluting the later, for true fulfilment.
This also is the process of obtaining that equanimity within, expatiated powerfully by two verses of Bhagavad Gita(2,38 and 6,7).

This also is the ultimate test of true success and is naturally obtained through that courage of conviction and that feeling of ‘rightness', manifested eventually through the ‘flow', effectiveness and efficiency in all that the person issues forth or is involved in.
This state of fulfilment is also that feeling of ‘having arrived' and ‘having your fill' — the feeling of being satisfied in the self by one's own self and delighting in oneself (Gita: 2, 55 and 3,17).

Obtaining all that he needs or has dreamt of from his own evolved and potential self, he no more looks to comfort, peace, light, approval or praise from external mortal sources to prop up his ego or convictions.

He obtains these in abundance from himself — antasukah, antararamah, antarjyoti. He thus lives out the biblical concept (Luke: 17, 21), “The kingdom of God is within you”.
This verily is true self-esteem, self-love or self-respect, call what you will — that virtue, termed by Aishwarya Rai, when she was crowned Miss World, as “the greatest wealth”.

Ayn Rand terms this “exalted view of self-esteem” as “a man's most admirable quality”. Indeed, this healthy esteem, fulfilment and equanimity go together — one cannot exist at the expense of the other.
Aishwarya Rai, herself, in an interview to Times of India (Oct 20, 1999) sums up, “I am in love with the concept of love. I don't need to be in love with a man in order to find fulfilment in life. You can find fulfilment through your work.

When I want to experience love, I only need to delve into the recesses of my mind and heart and relive the visuals of love and romance as I know them.”
Beauty, indeed, is not just skin deep! This engrossing love affair with oneself is not merely the key to fulfilment but the justification for one's very presence, as a human, on this earth!

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