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07 Oct, 2008
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Obama has 3-point lead on McCain in US race
I always wonder that why the margin is so less for Obama. I was under the impression that it was clear victory for Democrats this time as people were not happy with Bush administration. McCain has been shown to have similar characteristics as Bush then howcome people still feel for McCain.

I think it is more about lacking in Obama as compared to McCain having something extraordinary. I believe Hilary would have led by more points as compared to Obama as people would have felt that there is anyways Bill Clinton to support her in case of tough issues.

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Stop attack on Tamils: India to Lanka
India is such a state and in such a state where all the neighbors around it are hostile to it. Someone said that it is good that there are oceans on both the southern side of India otherwise India would have lost its land there as well.

SriLanka - Already we have lost our popular PM to them - they anyways are so busy in killing each other that they do not have focus on India right now. However with linguistic bonding between Tamilians and Srilankans - it will be little tough for India.

Pakistan - No Comments.

Bangladesh - Recent Activities in Assam would tell the whole story.

Nepal - Love hate relation with India.

Bhutan, Burma - Neutral for Now - still have affiliations to other countries more than India.

China - No Comments.

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Tatas likely to drive Nano project to Gujarat
It is such a shame that at this time of year for Bengalis when all of bengal and India are busy in the festivity of Durga Pooja - Tatas had to move out of Bengal.

It is purely politics. However I am firm believer that economics always rule over politics in long run. I do not anticipate Mamta to perform better in these elections as compared to last time. In a way - she might listen to the verdict of people on this issue as well.

The greed anyways took over the farmers who refused to let go their land inspite of the handsome package by government. With no investment in this region now - they are on the one who have lost it.

Well it is time for some Gujrati sugar in Nano for TATAs.

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Mahindras venture into filmmaking
It is the time when Individual choices are taking precedence over company choices. In Mahindras case as well - though the experience is not there and ROI might be good elsewhere - still what is the personal inclination for Mr. Anand is dictating where the company is going to invest the money.

I am not criticizing this tendency because organizations are made of humans with desires, aspirations and dreams. It is ok for the CEO to chase his dream as long as he can provide shareholders with decent ROI. Anyways if there is passion then these CEOs would make up for the experience or rather lack of it.

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Mansoor Peerbhoy a scapegoat, says family
Mansoor Peerbhoy is one such person whom police would think twice before accusing falsely.

1. First of all - he is employee of an MNC giant and that too in Internet domain. If Police were to falsely accuse someone then they would be better off picking a person from non techie company so that it is easier to implicate the person. Police would not risk this strain on them at this point of time when it is so easy for Yahoo to validate the claims made by Police by going after the digital fingerprint of Mansoor.

2. Police would be very careful in picking up false people right now when everyone is pulling out a gun on the encounter of Delhi including Amar Singh ( who BTW has no views of his own and anyways whatever accusations he has made - are anyways proven false by the Police and the widow of Mr. Sharma)

3. Majority of the Muslims in this country would not allow their kids to be involved in such kind of activity. So kids like Mansoor would do it very secretively. This becomes even easier when the kid is not financially dependent on parents and has valid excuse to be out of house.

It is a pity that people like Mansoor are falling prey to these kind of activities. They need to know that there are so many avenues to protest then to just kill others. Why not sit on hunger strike killing yourself? Why not prove to be a leader for Muslim community so that they can look up to you?

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Oil rebounds above $90, focus on possible rate cuts
It surprises me that what the factors that led to this rate cut in oil prices except some artificial means of speculation. Are people now betting on downward speculation which might be good news for everyone.

India majorly would anyways benefit when it will be go around 65-70 USD as at that price we would see end customer getting some benefit passed to himself.

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